Zeeshan Anwar Malik, Founder of Anwa Properties, Real Estate Agent and Property Developer shares his success journey!!

Zeeshan Anwar Malik was born in Abu Dhabi and studied in London. He has dedicated his professional career to Dubai. He has worked significantly in the region, allowing him to create a unique service, Anwa Properties, that provides support for people interested in buying properties and investing in the region.

Zeeshan Anwar Malik is a top-level real estate agent and property developer. He has wide expertise in the area and specializes in luxury homes and properties in Dubai. His experience in the area is truly remarkable, as he has previously worked for DAMAC, an organization that has shaped the real estate market in the area and has been responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in the luxury segment. For 8 years, Malik was the top salesman at the company, which inspired him to try his hand in the international market and gain experience beyond the Middle East. 

Zeeshan Anwar Malik with Hussain Sajwani – Chairman Damac Group, and Adil Taqi – CFO Damac Group.

He moved to London after a successful experience in Dubai and managed to become head of sales and manager of one of the key offices in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. At the time, his specialization was selling Middle Eastern properties to people in London who were interested in investing in this region. At this point, Malik identified many different issues. In particular that the buyers who were interested in the region did not know Dubai, did not know the area and often lacked access to people who could provide them with a clear understanding of the market and effective comparisons between different options. 

Malik figured that he could give them the option and provide solutions to secure their investments, from helping them travel to the end of the process. Thus, Anwa Properties was created in order to provide comprehensive and extensive support to individuals who could not find a way to know the region elsewhere or in another way.

The company proved tremendously successful. Eventually, Malik Zeeshan was also able to start the development of luxury apartments and houses in London. 


Anwa Properties stands out for its speed. It will take an agent no more than 15 minutes to locate the right property in either London or Dubai, filtering for the number of bedrooms, location, budget, and other filters. This means that the client needs to only visit the agency in order to find the best and most suitable home for them, saving them the hassle of meeting agents and visiting different properties. 

Zeeshan loves traveling and meeting new people, getting to know and help a wide variety of clients. That is associated with his beliefs in positive intentions and a desire to help. He has managed to reach great success by providing help in regards to properties and helping people discover a new home, focusing on positive intentions.

Zeeshan Anwar Malik with Amira Sajwani (Right)

Anwa Properties and the service that the agency provides is specialized in luxury homes and apartments in Dubai and other areas. It offers strong support to any individual looking for a home, an investment opportunity, or a specific type of building. As a developer, the entrepreneur is also significantly successful, moving through international markets with an ever-expanding network of contacts and satisfied contacts.

You can check out their Instagram @anwa.properties.