Work like a Pro, save your most valuable asset – time. Meet David Goldschmidt, Founder of Master Producer Score App!

Today, we have the pleasure of Interviewing David Goldschmidt. He is the Founder of ‘Master Producer Score‘ productivity app. Let’s hear about his story!

Hi, Please introduce yourself and tell us about what it is that you do.


I am a sales and marketing director living in Los Angeles with my wife and three sons, Jacob (24), Jonah (14), and Grady(2). Most of my professional experience is in hotels and destination sales and marketing. I have held high-profile positions at the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board and GES Events. 

Please tell us the story and inspiration behind your Productivity app?

Working as a sales analyst early in my career taught me a lot about technology and how to tell a story with data. And that’s the point of my new app, Master Producer Score. It tells a story about your personal productivity over time. 

I got the inspiration behind the app a couple years ago when I watched my very smart and competent 19-year-old son lose hours every day playing video games. I wondered if he truly realized the potential of that time. Does knowing that in a 15 hour day, you spent 10 hours distracted with idle consumption, obsessing over things that other people produced, created. For him, I wanted him to be the maker, the producer, and to enjoy the satisfaction of that.

Wow! That’s a great inspiration! Please tell us more about your Productivity app.

  • Are you productive sometimes, only on occasion or all the time? 
  • Are you really working hard enough to be among the best in your profession or to get yourself and your family into the top 1%.
  • Focused or Distracted? How much time do you actually spend on tasks? 
  • How hard do you find it to focus and keep concentration on a task? 

Master Producer Score will help you find the right measure and time by analyzing your day-to-day performance. Work like a Pro, saving the most valuable asset – time. 


It’s a simple yet powerful app that really does magic improving your productivity. All you need to invest – honest response when prompted to rate your focus, and it knows exactly when it needs to.

Master Producer Score will periodically ask you. Not only to remind you, the clock is ticking, but aggregate your productivity level over time. 

It graphs your productive time, distracted time, and calculates a productivity score. 

The other part of the app’s impact now has to do with the fact that I am working remotely, and I no longer have a boss telling me how I am doing every week. Remote workers, gig workers only have themselves to grade themselves. Tracking your work and seeing when you are distracted or faking it or killing it can be useful. This is so because, in current times of Covid-19, a lot of people are working from home, so the app can monitor their productivity levels and help them.

How is this different from other productivity apps?


It is a non-traditional productivity app. 

Most productivity apps have to-do lists, calendars, Gantt charts, and other project management features. They are trying to organize your work, so you are more productive. This is not that kind of productivity app. This app is a self-help, personal development feedback loop of your work overtime.

This app is for someone who wants to personally grade their work and see the results graphed over time.

The app shares how often you are focused, on task, and taking care of business. It shows when you are distracted with video games or arguing politics on FB.

You mentioned Feedback Loops. Can you please guide our readers about it?


Feedback Loops: The idea behind the app. A “feedback loop” is where a system’s outputs are circled back and used as inputs. A feedback loop can be a profoundly effective tool for changing (or reinforcing) behavior. “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” — Elon Musk

Fantastic! So tell us, where can people find out more about it?

It’s available on both Google Play Store and the Apple App store. You can check out the website.

Here is my LinkedIn.


Thank you so much David for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best of Success for your app!