Rebecca McCann, Founder of Pro Blo was inspired by a broken hairbrush & created a brand loved by Celebs worldwide!

Today, we have the pleasure of Interviewing Rebecca McCann. She is an eCommerce Entrepreneur and founder of Pro Blo Group – Detachable Brush and Blow Dry Specialists.

Please tell us about your journey.

Would you believe me if I said I was inspired by a broken hairbrush! With no business plan, no mentor, and no idea where to start, I quit my office job and took over a derelict basement. I called my HQ and launched into the world’s most prestigious retailers within 12 months. Pro Blo was born through the love of a good blow-dry and living on a budget.


My weekly blowout at the salon was expensive, and through trying to recreate a salon blow at home, I snapped my hairbrush. And that was it, I literally knew at that moment that I had something amazing! I knew if I could make a brush handle that snapped off to allow the barrels to cool in your hair, just like they do at the salon, then bad hair days would be a thing of my past. It was such a moment for me. That moment single-handedly changed my life! I knew if I could get that product in front of every woman, they would ‘get it’ and need it! More than that, they would love it!

Please tell us about your Company Pro Blo Group

Pro Blo is taking over one blow at a time! Pro Blo grew quickly and is organically loved by celebrities, influencers, and real women around the globe. The brand has such a strong cult following on social media, and this is something that still amazes me every day. We receive thousands of tags, and almost 90% of the content we post is real customers, real results, and videos, which is just incredible. Truly there is no better way to showcase your product than people sharing it for no other reason than to shout about how much they love their hair. For me, on more of a personal level, I just love scrolling through our hashtag #ProBlo on Instagram and seeing all these gorgeous women around the globe, smiling with confidence, rocking a fresh Pro Blo blow! Pro Blo now has warehousing in the UK, the USA, and the Middle East. It is retailed around the globe, boasts over 500,000 organic followers on social media, and has been featured in the press, spotted on red carpets, and voted no:1 tool of choice for curls.


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

“Say Yes & Make It Happen!”

This is something I said many years ago and has quickly become our team motto. For me, it means that if I want to achieve a certain target, reach a certain milestone, whatever it may be, once I commit to that. I know I have it in me to go out there and make it happen. I am a huge believer in consistency, authenticity, and showing up! Showing up for myself, for my team, and working together to create a brand that they and I are proud to be a part of.


Any message for our readers

If you have a vision, if you have a dream, do it! Trust that you have all it takes to go out there, say yes and make it happen!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

Drop me a DM over on Instagram! My Instagram:  & business Instagrams

Honestly i am on a mission to show others that we can all do it! I have recently started sharing more on my instagram so come on over! @rebecca_pbg and drop me a DM! Be sure to checkout @problogroup for all things blows too! and my new lockdown baby

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!