Her retreat programs create a greater balance between body, mind, and spirit. Here is the inspiring story of Rebecca Baldwin!!

Spirituality is essential for all of us. No matter how we choose to live and experience it, we should nurture this aspect of ourselves and grow it to feel more connected to the world around us and give our lives a deeper purpose and meaning. Rebecca Baldwin is currently seeking to promote spirituality and build it up through retreats for women.

Rebecca Baldwin and her partner Sheri Eckert launched their retreat company with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in 2020 in January. The first retreat was settled – a trip to Blue Spirit beach in Costa Rica focused on Reclaiming the Sacred Self and was meant to be a life-changing experience for the participants. 

However, the pandemic closed the borders, and uncertainty took over the world. The Costa Rica retreat was pushed back again and again, but the world was still not truly open for travel even as the months ticked by. But Rebecca never gave up and felt a deep conviction that she had to keep going. Despite all the anxiety and concerns, she continued to believe in the mission of the company. The biggest blow was yet to come. Sheri, the co-founder of the company and one of the minds behind the retreat, went under for surgery and never came back out. 

Sheri Eckert was an Author, Professional Counselor, Public Speaker, and the Chief Petitioner of Oregon’s historic and globally acknowledged 2020 PSI Ballot Initiative. She was also the creator of the well-loved Facebook pages A New Way of Thinking and author of Dear Human.

Sheri was a hero and luminous light of love who inspired people to overcome their darkness. Though her own life had been full of pain, she never gave up, and she always worked to help everyone around her. 

Though Sheri was not physically present, Rebecca continued to feel her encouragement and, through a lot of concern and spiraling and anxiety, decided to push forward. Sheri had always believed in her and in the importance of the enterprise they had started together.

The retreat in Costa Rica was going to happen and, when it did, it became a deeply transformational experience for all the women involved, and even Rebecca, who came in as an organizer, experienced a spiritual shift. Her inner belief, intuition, and strength were rewarded beyond measure with happiness and transformation.

The retreat led to deep changes, and the women involved were able to write new stories for themselves. Change happened – they let go of old habits and made new friends. They transformed their beliefs and empowered themselves through self-love. The bonds forged during this journey will last a lifetime. And Sheri? Sheri was there every step of the way. 

Rebecca saw her intuition and inner calling come to life and turn out so much better than she ever expected. Her heart always pointed her in the right place, and the transformation that occurred was absolutely worth it. The program was meant to create a greater balance between body, mind, and spirit – it accomplished that and so much more.


The journey to Costa Rica changed Rebecca as well, and today she is seeking to craft her next experience, a 12-day Spiritual Journey through the Sacred Valley of the Inca in August of 2021 (from August 19-31). 

This new experience combines travel and discovery with the experience of ancient shamanic healing rituals at the emblematic temples and citadels of the Incas. The experience will feature Master Shamans, able to teach all about balance and living in harmony with the Earth. The goal of the journey is to promote spiritual awakening, healing, and wholeness through the magic and tradition of ancient wisdom. 

The journey takes care of all the needs of the participants, including a rejuvenation program based on gourmet cooking, luxury accommodations, and practices going from yoga to wellness to help the women nourish their bodies and find harmony between their minds, spirits, and bodies. For those who wish to go deeper, there is the option to add two more days to the journey and experience the San Pedro Plant Medicine for deeper shamanic healing and spiritual connection. The journey ensures the safety of all participants and implements COVID-19 protocols to make sure the focus is on healing and growth.

The retreat is for women only and provides a unique chance to reclaim the self and the unique soul that resides within each of us in the company of like-minded companions. Today, after months of anxiety and months of being stuck in place, there is the chance of moving forward and undergoing a transformation. The journey can connect the participants with authentic Peruvian shamans who have carried on the traditions of their ancestors and their wisdom through millennia until today. 

The retreat will take its participants on a journey through the sacred sites and an in-depth experience of shamanic rituals to Machi Picchu, not only to sightsee but also to connect with the place and its spiritual energy, to end at a healing space in the Andean mountains where participants will be able to rest and reflect and allow themselves to be better.

Today, spiritual travel is perhaps more important than ever. We have been locked in place and also stalled in our growth and development. An experience that can connect us to powerful places and awaken our powerful selves through a spiritual transformation can lead to a deep shift. When we travel, we force ourselves of the comfort zone that might be suffocating our spirituality and have to see ourselves through a new lens. When there are companions on the journey, who will help us and support us and be supported in turn, it all becomes so much more powerful. Peru has an ancient culture and set of traditions that make it the perfect destination to guide our inner journeys.

The next spiritual journey is the journey to Peru, and Rebecca is putting her all into crafting a unique and transformational experience. Her inner spirit calling is as strong as ever, and she believes that everyone joining the retreat will allow women to heal themselves and come out with a deep sense of change and lasting bonds with those around them and themselves as well. 

We asked Rebecca about her strategies for success. Here is her reply:

“My strategies…follow my inner guidance – my spiritual GPS. When planning the first retreat in the middle of a pandemic, I felt divinely guided. I knew we would sell out…but I had no idea how successful the retreat would be. It brought healing and transformation to the women who attended. And they formed a beautiful bond that will never be broken.  

I believe we all have a spiritual purpose and divine mission. I believe that all suffering is a result of disconnection from the Source – and we find healing through reconnection to the Source (through spiritual practices, meditation, yoga, other women, and nature).”

You can find more information on the website or follow Rebecca on Facebook @spiritualcompass and Instagram @thespiritualcompass