Max Wenneker, A business consultant who helps startups succeed and build solid foundations

Max Wenneker is a business consultant who has helped grow companies like Incredible Health from $60m to $1.6b in just around a year. This experience and his work at Uber have given him a strong set of skills to help scale businesses.

Wenneker spent six years at Uber, where he learned how to scale businesses and work in different contexts, which is now the focus of his consulting practice. In addition to his consulting services, targeted at business owners, he runs a blog that offers top-notch advice about scalability and other topics.

At Uber, Wenneker built several organizations from the ground up and worked on these in the United States and also various Latin American countries. This provided unique expertise on how to balance the need to grow and the need to create stability. He is a specialist in organizational leadership and management with some amazing and unique learning experiences. He is focused on making ideas come true with top-notch execution and building strong foundations that will help an organization develop solid and sustainable practices.

This consultant comes from Boston and resides in San Diego. He graduated from Washington University with a double major in Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship.

Wenneker has served as the Fractional COO and Chief Product Officer for a pre-seed startup and also has worked as the strategic adviser to the CEO for the Series A startup. In addition, he has a blog and a podcast that can offer leaders invaluable insights into their startup journey based on real-life expertise.

As a consultant, Wenneker helps organizations assess the needs of each team and the business, build internal and external operational processes, hire talent, and set priorities. As a senior leader with experience, he can support others in building their startups while avoiding common pitfalls and making the process much faster. In regards to talent, Wenneker has hired hundreds of people at the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder all the way to the top, to the senior C-suite executives who can take the company to success. One of his goals is to allow the company to filter the right candidates and set up a pipeline that will continue to operate and bring in the best possible employees. 

In addition to the operational part, Wenneker offers consulting services that center on leadership coaching and training. He can help CEOs level up and also work with managers to build better skills and achieve lasting results. His training has been originally developed at Uber and Incredible Health.

Wenneker can also provide ongoing advice and support to ensure that the focus is on the right priorities and that the startup is moving in the right direction.

You can check out the blog. You can also get in touch with Wenneker himself and book consultations or other services to help your company succeed. If you want to take a look at the full resume, you can check out the LinkedIn profile. Wenneker is a professional who has helped many startups succeed and build solid foundations.


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