He is popularly known as the grandfather of Electric Vehicles in Africa, Meet Dr. Steven Jeremy Ntambi, Founder of EV startup n-SiNGo.

Today, we have the pleasure of Interviewing Dr. Steven Jeremy Ntambi

At the age of five, he dismantled his father’s radio set and reassembled it in just a few hours. The old man would never have imagined that 25 years down the road, his son would lead a team that would build the first-ever environment friendly and most cost-effective vehicle in the country!

Steven is a seasoned senior executive, offering 10+ years’ experience across Italy, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, China, London, and Uganda. He has contributed significantly to the development of Electric Vehicles.

He is the Pioneer of the first electric vehicle in Africa and popularly known as the “Grandfather” of EV in Africa.


He is trying to solve a major problem with energy and transport. Let’s hear his story!

Hi, Please introduce yourself and tell us about what it is that you do.

Hi. My Name is Steven Jeremy Ntambi. I have a startup in Africa in Electric Vehicle and Renewable Energy. When I started some years back, my professors grabbed my project when funding came from the government. I am now back on pushing it to start again. I believe and know I have a great solution designed to impact and change power access in developing economies. I am talking about impacting over 500 million Africans. 


Please tell us about your startup.

ALTEC (Advanced Logistics and Technology Engineering Centre) is a Limited Company registered in Uganda that began operations in 2014. ALTEC, trading as n-SiNGo, is aimed at leapfrogging Sustainable Mobility and Energy. 

N-Singo-Limited-PicAlso, EN-Singo Limited has set up a Vehicle Design Initiative (VDI), an African-EV Startup focused on developing leapfrog sustainable transportation technologies and systems. The tangible deliverables we aim to produce between 2020 and the end of 2021 include:

1. An AI smart state-of-the-art, fully designed, and validated 4 to 7 passenger vehicle, η-Vision. It will be ready for production and sale initially in the African and South American market that achieves at least a 70% reduction in embodied global warming potential and hazards to human health cradle-to-grave.

2. A transport vehicle that supports Vehicle/Battery to Grid for Energy Supply to Homesteads.

3. A business-model that allows the vehicle to be used at least 18 hours each day. That will help in returning added value to suppliers to boost their profit margins, investment for improved public transit, and a decrease in congestion (and thus need for expansion) of existing infrastructure.

4. An apprenticeship program that will matriculate into an Institute to equip African Scientists and Engineers in the space of Energy, Transportation, and Technology.

5. A mobility service that will offer on-demand mobility and successively extend throughout African cities. In Africa, Ride-pooling and Ridesharing will therefore be a key pillar of the services portfolio provided by η-Vision and will provide the basis for the development of future mobility business models such as the on-demand operation of autonomous transport and Smart Energy. 


We hope that the potential market opportunity for emerging green-tech companies in Uganda, Africa, and South America provided by such a vehicle can enable Uganda and Africa to lead the world out of the energy crisis. And establish a significantly more sustainable, profitable, and safe automotive industry.

Any message for our readers.

My objective is to get to people interested in impacting over 500 million people in Africa in the form of Sustainable Energy innovation and transportation. I am seeking to partner with the most creative, innovative, and far-seeing organizations and individuals possible.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people contact you?

They can contact me at ntambi.jeremy@gmail.com or via phone at +256.789.525.853. Our contact address is n-SiNGo, Plot 1709, Mugalu Road, Mpererwe, Kampala, Uganda.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best for your business venture!