Brand ‘LightArt’ by Entrepreneur Tom John Or-Paz combines Luxury in Real Estate with Art

When you think about Luxury in Real Estate, branded real estate comes to mind. In fact, branded real estate is growing quickly and it is expected to double its size by 2023. You would have heard about Luxury Brands doing real estate like Marriot, Armani, Porsche & Yoo by Philip Starck.

There is another one you might want to check out: LightArt Group, created by Tom John Light. The unique thing about his brand is that he has combined Art with Real Estate. It is like a lot of people dream about it, but it was never a reality.

Tom is a multi-Millionaire entrepreneur born in Israel to Buddhist parents.
At a young age of 18, he relocated to the United States and started multiple companies. By his early twenties, he was one of Israel’s youngest millionaires. He got the experience of Luxury Real Estate when he was the VP of FashionTV. Over there, he created and launched FashionTV’s branded real estate. That project was a significant worldwide success, and the projects were swiftly sold out worldwide. Another one of Tom’s major pursuits and love is art. He has been profoundly involved in purchasing, selling, and creating multiple art projects.

So, What does LightArt do?

It teams up with multiple Real estate developers to upgrade the design and fuse the Brands touch within projects. Once the project permissions have been obtained, their crew of over 30 artists, architects, and designers work on the project to adapt the design, exterior and interior with their design and style. The artwork is created uniquely for each project by world-class professionals with input into the design coming from the community, and its prospective residents. Next, their technological team envelops the structure with the most modern technology to produce a smart home for its tenants. LightArt’s strives for novelty and sustainability while adhering to environmental protection. They maximize the scope of environmentally saving elements in their projects.

A lot of developers have been wanting to team up with a brand as successful as LightArt. In 2019 LightArt negotiated with several projects across Europe. 2020 is demonstrating to be the breakthrough year for the brand. After launching its project in Tel Aviv, Israel, numerous deals are in the pipeline for the coming months in USA, Europe, and Asia.