Inspired by her want for a stylish hairbrush bag, Athalia Monae created Pouches By Alahta!

It’s the details that make the biggest impression. Keeping well-organized and clean is essential, and some accessories can help you get beyond what you are used to, achieving an even higher level of balance in your life. You can have a perfect pouch if you are on the go and need tools to stay on top of everything you have to do.

Pouches By Alahta is a brand allowing you to achieve greater organization. The brand offers pouches for hairbrushes, combs, and jewelry to store self-care essentials comfortably and stylishly. Each pouch is made from quality fabrics and has a unique print design that makes it stand out. The pouches for hair products ensure that you don’t find stray hairs in your purse or bag as a more straightforward solution.

Each pouch is designed to accommodate brushes and combs or jewelry items of different sizes and materials, protecting them from damage. It also features gorgeous designs that make it a pleasure to have around. In addition, the pouches can be wiped clean or washed in a washing machine.

The pouches were developed as a simple solution to a common problem, a niche that Athalia Monae, the CEO, saw was not being filled. The brand is meant to support the best lifestyle habits and make it easy to store hair products in a purse, a gym bag, a backpack, or in luggage, where it might be especially appreciated by anyone who travels a lot and requires a high degree of organization, be it an airline professional, military personnel, or just someone with a demanding job. Being organized helps the person stay productive and breeds confidence. At the same time, the stylish options and customized pouches in several sizes will allow customers to find exactly what they need.

The product was designed by Athalia Monae, as she recognized a need that was not being met. She created these first pouches to be practical, comfortable, and great to look at. Currently, she is working on new designs and hopes to provide women and her other clients with reliable solutions for their daily needs. Athalia is strongly involved with the community. She is an advocate and speaker for Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit that provides meals to children across 70 countries and works to end global hunger. A percentage of each sale of a pouch goes to this organization.

Pouches By Alahta is an innovative brand that tries to provide solutions for organizational issues without losing style or substance. The high-quality pouches are sure to be an asset for many customers, as they fit their specific needs and offer a wide range of sizes and designs to always stay on the go.

You can discover more about Pouches By Alahta and purchase a pouch on the website at The products stand out thanks to their quality, innovation, and design.


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