Life and Relationship Coach K LaShawn Powell empowers women to find purpose in their personal lives

K LaShawn Powell is a life coach and a relationship coach who is building a new approach to coaching for women, focusing on empowering and inspiring women to be their best selves in their personal lives and also their professional development. 

Powell is an advocate, speaker, instructor, and influencer. Her identity, which she proudly shows and expresses, is involved with being Black and Christian, something that shapes her content. Her goal is empowerment for women and to help others live their best lives.

K LaShawn has goals related to inspiring others, empowering women, and helping each one find where her purpose truly lies. She provides effective life coaching that is sure to help women discover their dreams and take advantage of this effective process to create something new. 

Life coaching’s success has a lot to do with the coach, and K LeShawn is working hard to be just the kind of professional who succeeds. She chose the industry because she wanted to see others find realization in all areas of their life, including their relationships, which often are the source of conflicts, and their professional lives, where women often find themselves falling behind through no fault of their own.


Another unique area of expertise for Powell is her work with other coaches. She helps others get into the business and launch a successful coaching practice of their own. This is unique, as LaShawn knows that it’s important to nurture others without fearing competition. 

You can book a session with this amazing coach through her website. It involves several steps to ensure that each one is tailored to the person, their unique needs, and their current situation. Potential coachees need to fill out a questionnaire to match their needs with the best strategy available and then take a discovery session, a short virtual meeting to set up the foundation from the info in the questionnaire. Each session will be tailored to the client’s needs and take place after the onboarding part is completed so that the person goes in knowing what to expect and with a coach who is ready to address their particular needs and situation. Powell works through one on one sessions, strategy sessions, half-day and full-day sessions, and other options to better fit the unique needs of each person. She also does masterclasses and speaking engagements.

What distinguishes LeShawn Powell from others is her unique drive and desire to help others. She has empowered herself and hopes to help others reach the same goal in their personal lives and careers. She is oriented towards creating an energetic, inspiring, and effective coaching service that focuses on relationships and careers. This is a coach who is likely to click with people looking for spiritual inspiration, who want someone to support them, and for anyone who hopes to improve their current relationships to others and grow as a person.

You can find more about this amazing speaker on her website. You can book her services or discover more about her coaching practice. 


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