Aja Metoyer – Famous Reality TV Star

Who is Aja Metoyer?

She first came to attention when she joined the cast of the VH1 reality series called Basketball Wives in 2017. She is considered one of the most popular reality TV stars. She became the topic of conversation in 2013 when the news came out that she had a kid with Dwayne Wade, a known basketball player who was said to be in a relationship with Gabrielle Union at the moment. The gossip turned into a scandal, and Aja Metoyer became a homewrecker in the eyes of the audience.


July 24, 1983

Birth Place

Los Angeles, United States of America

Zodiac Sign



She had an affair with Dwayne Wade. She gave birth to Xavier Zechariah Wade on November 10, 2013. After her identity was released and she became the spotlight headline attention, Aja disappeared from all the social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram. Turned out she was a very good friend of both and Wade and Union. Aja also had two teenage daughters with Damon Wayans Jr.

Damon and Aja were childhood sweethearts, and their daughters are Amara and Aniya Wayans. Aja says that the girls instantly fell in love with their younger brother Xavier.

Although she came to the spotlight as a popular reality TV star, Aja knows better than to rely on reality TV for her living. She promotes health and fitness products to make money. Her company is called Total Life Changes (TLC). People have persistently accused her of running a pirated scheme, but she seems to be working in dollars through her business with TLC.

Aja was born in California, and she is untimely proud of her hometown. However, she didn’t ever share any information regarding her life before Basketball Wives. She confessed that she has an unrelenting love for the ocean and water. We often see her Instagram posts where she is spending lazy afternoons by the pool in stylish bikinis.

Basketball wives

Anyone who saw her on Basketball wives would know about the deteriorating relationship she had with her sisters. The show panned around the unceasing beef between the sisters. Regardless of this, Aja calls herself a family-oriented person and claims that family is important to her and she is a proud mother. Basketball Wives turned out to be way dramatic than she thought. Aja denied the misconception that anyone who agrees to a reality show likes having people poke in their business. She likes to keep her life private to an extent, and she managed to this while being on a reality show.

Aja had two sisters, Christine and Melissa, alongside her in Basketball Wives. The show led to a huge fall out between the sisters that turned quickly dramatic. Although it has been years since the show ended, the Metoyer sisters are still beefing. Aja had no trace of her sisters on any of the social media accounts, and she never mentions them in interviews either.

With her scandalous fame, she also witnesses harsh criticism and judgmental views. Aja says that she doesn’t care about the haters, and this attitude is what we admire.


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