Zylbrad – Famous YouTuber & Twitch Streamer!

Who is Zylbrad?

Bradley, commonly known as Zylbrad, is an Australian YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is most associated with making comedic content and skits on YouTube that revolve around several video games. He quickly rose to attention after posting his two-minute debut video titled “CS: GO – Bizon Spray Control Tutorial” during the golden age of edgy YouTube content, and that was when he was only 19 years and nine months old. This attention encouraged him to make more CS: GO content.

He continued to do so until the release of the new e-Sports sensation, Overwatch. He quickly jumped ship to ride the Overwatch hype train. It was during this period that he blew up on YouTube, collaborating with other YouTubers. The likes of which are Muselk and Blackblues. After the end of the Overwatch reign, a new battle royal game shone to light. Zylbrad swiftly followed the steps of his YouTube friends, devoting his time to Overwatch. Recently, his YouTube channel reached the 2 million subscriber mark (2.25 million to be exact), with more than 106k followers on Twitch and 134k on Twitter, where he posts his random thoughts and one-liners.


April 30, 1996



Zodiac Sign


Face Reveal

Being a “masked” YouTuber, Zylbrad tried to hide his identity the best he could. However, his face was revealed by Muselk during a feature video, debunking the myth that he is a girl.
He succeeded in hiding most of his personal life, including his full name and hometown.

Dating Life

While most of his dating life remained private, the media identified three girlfriends he has had. He is in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber that goes by the name of Militia.


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