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Who is The Right Opinion?

The Right Opinion or TRO is a YouTuber from England, known for his videos, commenting on popular topics and information on current affairs. With a distinctive style and an established audience, the YouTuber has over 1 million subscribers and over 116 million views on his channel.


March 3, 1997

Birth Place


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Personal Life

The Right Opinion or James Dancey, after graduating from school, took a gap year and then attended university. He went to three different universities, eventually staying at the University of Groningen. He is an artist and a musician, which has been showcased in various parody videos.

Professional Life

The Right Opinion started doing his videos in 2016 with a distinctive snarky tone. He seeks to establish himself as an independent voice on the platform, touching on political themes without focusing too much on them. Currently, there are over 116,492,332 views on his channel. He first did commentary, criticisms, current affairs, and gameplay videos, but eventually, he began moving towards a more distinct type of content. In 2018, he decided to start focusing on commentary. Currently, the channel specializes in YouTube drama and the personalities of this platform, including Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, Slazo, Nikocado Avocado, Spill, Alinity, and more. He has commented on the situations and dramatic events concerning popular YouTubers and analyzed the influencers’ situation. Often, TRO took a more critical approach and considered what the influencers had done wrong, especially focusing on those in the animation community. This has led the creator to become involved in drama as well. He has received criticisms for his approach but continues the work continuously. His videos are characterized by length – he tends to go over 30 minutes to an hour to two hours, something not so typical among channels of this type. He tends to go in-depth into the topics he chooses and provides analysis, not just a commentary or a description. The videos are very well-produced and edited, using different sources, images and creating a stylish approach. The Right Opinion usually posts about once a month, which is related to the production values of his content, which are higher and require more work, both to shape the content and edit the video. James rarely shows his face, preferring an animated avatar to serve as the character who interacts with the viewers. The avatar represents a cartoon version of James in a stylish outfit, often accompanied by a monocle and a top hat, with many creative variations.


The Right Opinion had a romantic involvement with Just Jargon, another commentary YouTuber who made this relationship public.

James has released songs under the name J-Dance.

This YouTuber has a podcast called Susan’s Boys with fellow YouTuber j Aubrey.

The YouTuber has rarely revealed his face, showing it in a few videos.

The Right Opinion reached 1 million subscribers on December 23, 2020.


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