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The Gothic Alice – Famous Influencer


About ‘The Gothic Alice’ and her life

The Gothic Alice is an American artist. She is famous as a Goth, Manic Panic Dyehard, horror lover, fashion enthusiast, and part-time model. Alice portrays a mysterious character, and her aesthetics are dark. She dresses in black and radiates dark energy.


March 6, 1993

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Her early life and career beginnings

The Gothic Alice has said little about her family but has mentioned her mum a lot. She talks about her mum in some of her YouTube videos. Alice mentioned living in her mum’s basement after graduating from school until She figured out her life. On a different occasion, Alice talked about her mum and grandma driving her to school on a long drive as a freshman in college. By the look of things, she has a loving mom who supports what she does for a living.
The Gothic Alice attended Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. She got her bachelor’s in Fine Arts in illustration and a minor in creative writing. Since she did not know how to start pursuing a career in her field of study, she took a friend’s advice and apprenticed at Art on You Studios from October 2015 to May 2017 before becoming an independent artist.

Her professional career life

The Gothic Alice is an independent artist and a YouTube who prides herself as a witch and dishes advice on witch-related topics and considers herself a writer who writes personally. Writing all the time is not on her agenda because it’s time-consuming. Although she’s an occasional writer, her wish is to publish short stories or a novel in the future.
She is a YouTuber of over seven years, giving advice and sharing her knowledge of artistry, horror, confidence tips, movie suggestions, Goth ideas, and life advice.
Her YouTube page has a tremendous 28k followers and almost a million views. Amassing such a number translates to making money. The Gothic Alice has ardent fans whom she refers to as Darkling. Her growth on YouTube is palpable, and by the look of things, she’s on her way to becoming a successful YouTuber.
Her art shops on Etsy and bubble are her other avenues of expressing her art and making a living.
The Gothic Alice’s family raised her as an atheist. She disliked God-believers when she was young and now identifies as a loose-pagan.

Her hobbies

She’s a movie lover interested in horror and cult films, zombie, ghost, occult, demonic possession, and vampire movies. Listening to music, reading, drawing, and painting are her other hobbies.

Trivia | Interesting Facts

She started using the internet when she was a teenager and hasn’t repeated an outfit since she turned fifteen.
Her Goth aesthetics and fashion are dependent on her mood. It can go from earthy to grunge outfits.


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