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Temprist – Famous YouTuber


Who is Temprist?

Temprist is a young American ROBLOX YouTuber who uses his games as a comedy to make people laugh. ROBLOX is an online game that allows gamers to program and play games created by other users.


March 12, 2002

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


His early life and career beginnings

Temprist’s fans do not know what his real name is, but his pseudonym is Temprist. He hasn’t made his real name public yet, but he promises to do so. Temprist has a younger brother who is also a gamer that goes by the name Unequip. Their real identity is unknown, but they live in The United States.
Temprist’s educational background and qualifications are unknown, but he went to high school in America and took a break from his youtube to study for his exams.
Temprist started his YouTube channel in 2019 and achieved enormous success within a short time frame. His comedic mode of operation endeared him to his many raving fans. Little wonder he could amass 471k subscribers and over 23.4million views on YouTube. He uses a robotic voice in his videos, which his fans find funny and continue to watch. He has a way of bringing smiles to his viewers’ faces by his jokes, and they always come back for more. His most viewed ROBLOX video is the Temprist Game Show with 4.3 million views, and his first video was the Temprist Return with 614k views. His comment sections are always on fire with a thousand and more comments. He also makes short YouTube videos where he plays around in games with Text to Speech, and his fans love them.
Temprist announced another new YouTube channel TempristLive in 2020, where he now has 7.36k subscribers and 44k views. He’s also active on twitch with 12.2k followers, where he streams Minecraft, Speedrun, and Simps.
Twitter is one of his social platforms since he has 252.2k followers there. He shares jokes, funny memes, and YouTube information over there.
Temprist is a creative content creator who writes, directs, and produces his YouTube videos himself.
His Instagram page has 120k followers even though his posts are not much, and his posts are monthly but inconsistent. With just ten posts of Roblox pictures, he’s popular on Instagram. That’s evidence of fan love.
Temprist’s income comes from the money he earns from Google Adsense.

His collaborations

He has collaborated with some other gamers like Flamingo and Jayingee. He also features in Flamingo’s YouTube videos.
He’s also friends with AlbertsStuff, and they work together most of the time.

Temprist’s face reveal

Temprist announced on Twitter that he might reveal his face when he hits a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Let’s hope he discloses his face alongside his name. If all his viewers can subscribe to his channel, he will get to a million subscribers and reveal his face in no time. He made a voice revelation in February, and his fans were joyful.


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