Ted Nivison Jr – Famous YouTuber

Who is Ted Nivison Jr.?

Theodore Kennedy, widely known as Ted Nivison Jr, is an American YouTuber, filmmaker, comedian, and photographer based in New York. He creates comedy videos on his YouTube channel that includes commentary about various funny topics and makes fun of ridiculous people. For example, Ted has a video series on his channel named Fiverr filth. In this series, he makes fun of ridiculous people working on this freelance earning platform. Ted also has a character named “The Milkman”. In this character, he wears a milkman outfit and goes out in public. This type of super-exciting content has brought in over 800,000 subscribers and 29 Million views from both of his channels.


January 16, 1998

Birth Place

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Ted spent his early life near Boston, Massachusetts. His interest in YouTube sparked when he was in 7th grade by YouTuber “Freddie W”. He participated in multiple theater productions in high school, which helped him a lot in his upcoming YouTube Channel. Before getting into YouTube, Ted worked at Staples and interned at a camera rental company in Los Angeles named CSLA. He graduated in Cinema & Photography from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, on May 17, 2020.
According to different resources, he had a girlfriend named Madi. She is a musician and has been seen a lot of time on the channel.

YouTube Career

Ted created his first YouTube channel in 2009. He named that channel “PivotTKN,” where he used to upload stick-figure animations made by himself. Ted started making animations video after attending a boot-camp, related to video games. He ended this channel after just one year in 2010.

Ted always wanted to play Minecraft. So, he decided to create his second YouTube Channel. But, Ted chose to play its Xbox Alternative “Total Miner.” He then made his new YouTube Channel in 2011 and named it “Total Miner Builder,” and started uploading videos. His first video got an overwhelming response, and it crossed 40,000 views, and his channel continued to gain viewers and subscribers. However, he ended this channel after a couple of years in 2013, without any significant reason.

After the success of his last channel, Ted created his 3rd YouTube channel named “JehBerDeh” on his birthday in 2013. You must be wondering what does that means? Well, the name JehBerDeh is a phonetical spelling of the mispronunciation of the name “Jebediah”. It is the name of a “ridiculous” character that Ted used to perform during boot camp. Ted started uploading video games on his 3rd channel but didn’t get a similar response as the previous channel. It was quite frustrating for him. So, he decreased the uploading frequency. After a couple of years, Ted went on the “Solitary Confinement” podcast with popular YouTuber CallMeCarson. Carson encouraged Ted to start uploading again more frequently as his content was good. Ted took his advice seriously and started uploading again, and got a positive response this time.
Ted now has another YouTube channel as well, named Ted Nivison Live. This channel is primarily dedicated to living streams of different video games.


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