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Taya Christian – Famous Instagram Influencer


Who is Taya Christian?

Taya Christian is an American influencer and Instagram star.


August 7, 1992

Birth Place

Woodbury, Minnesota, USA

Zodiac Sign


Her early days and life before fame

Her childhood was relatively normal, and she grew up being fascinated by psychology and biology. Although not much is known about what she did before becoming an influencer but records, show that she has attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she studied biochemistry and finances.

Some additional trivia

Taya established the foundation of Babes With Bullies back in 2012. She also has a degree in business, molecular biology, and psychology from the esteemed UNLV. She’s also a published biochemist. Currently, she is pursuing a medical degree while also actively managing her social media accounts.

Her social media presence

Taya Christian is a social media icon and has garnered a very respectable following on her social media accounts. She is also a plus-size model, and her Instagram account has grown massively, having well over 1.9 million followers on her main profile under the name of thedoctorbae.
She is also associated with Arina Madsti, with who she has collaborated to post various modeling and medical-related content.

Her private Instagram account is also sitting at a respectable 385k follower count, making her a true superstar in her own right.
Taya likes to post various photos of her in swimsuits, regular dresses, and casual wear.
She has well over 600 posts on her Instagram account to this day and is very active in posting new content on a daily basis.

When Taya has some time off, she enjoys long walks and sightseeing. She has also stated that she loves pets, and after her last pet dog, Jamie, passed away. She is still waiting for some time to pass so that she can heal before getting another pet.

Taya is an advocate for self-love and is often seen talking about how important it is to love yourself and seek help if you feel that you’re not doing well. She has said that there’s no shame in that and that people who are hurting on the inside or have a bad self-image should embrace how they look. She is also an animal activist and has attended many events relating to animal cruelty.

It’s clear to say that Taya is a very talented individual, and she is successful in a wide variety of fields. She has stated that after graduating with a medical degree, she wants to pursue a career as a doctor in one of the fields, although she hasn’t decided yet where her talents would be utilized the best. Taya had said that her family has been very supportive of her and that she had always had a shoulder to lean on when things got tough. She couldn’t have done it without the support of her close ones.
Taya has also posted motivational videos on her social media to further try to improve the well-being of others and assist those that are in need.


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