SuperButterBuns – Famous YouTuber

Who is SuperButterBuns?

SuperButterBuns is an American YouTube celebrity and creator. She is probably most famous for being a gamer on YouTube as well as for her “For Beginners” series that follows a comedic format where she gives her fans an overview of a specific game with must-know facts that relate to the said game. Her channel has grown to be quite big over the years, and she currently has over 570,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.


August 20, 1995

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

SuperButterBuns grew up having a relatively normal childhood, and she would often spend days playing video games indoors. She started experimenting with playing on various video game consoles before finally settling on PC gaming due to her preference for a mouse and a keyboard when playing.

SuperButterBuns started her channel with a bang. Her first uploaded video was called “All about the bun (old trailer),” which she uploaded in February 2015, and it went viral.

Her YouTube channel

She currently focuses on uploading videos tended as guides for beginners to video games, where she provides various tips and tricks on how to make the viewer’s gaming experience better.
Although SuperButterBuns is not as active on her main channel anymore, she still posts on her second YouTube channel, as well as often streaming her gaming sessions on Twitch.

Her Twitch channel

SuperButterBuns opened her Twitch channel in 2019. After her immense popularity on YouTube, she decided to expand her medium, and so far, she has really done well for herself on the platform, having over 85,000 followers already. She is often seen streaming together with her friends, and it usually provides a lot of comedic relief and is generally a fun atmosphere to watch. Although she is very strict on the fact that only 18+ people should be viewing her streams as she does use profanity and discusses various adult topics.

Apart from that, SuperButterBuns is also on Instagram where she currently sits at over 12,000 followers and is quite frequently posting pictures of herself, as well as pictures with her friends.

Some other trivia

SuperButterBuns has a cat by the name of Ignis, and she has frequently posted pictures of her on her Instagram account.


SuperButterBuns has also collaborated with other fellow gamers such as Anima Gaming, TheGamersJoint, as well as others.

She also has her subreddit account on Reddit, which has grown to have hundreds of members where everyone can interact with each other.

Regarding relationship status

SuperButterBuns has officially come out as being gay and identifying as a woman. She has had a few girlfriends throughout the years. Recently though, she hasn’t revealed whether she is dating someone.
If you want to see some of her streams, then I would strongly suggest you giving her a visit and checking out her content.


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