Starsmitten – Famous Twitch Streamer

Who is Starsmitten?

Starsmitten (Also known as The clutch queen or Celine) is an American gamer who rose to fame when she started streaming her gaming sessions on Twitch. She is probably best remembered for streaming such games as Fortnite and League of Legends, earning her a massive following throughout the years.


May 28, 1994

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Starsmitten grew up loving video games, and she was hooked after her parents gifted her a Playstation at an early age. She has continuously played every generation of video game consoles and has stated that she is amazed at how far the gaming industry has gone throughout the years.

Starsmitten first started her streaming journey when she became active on her Twitch channel, where she started broadcasting her live Fortnite gaming sessions in June of 2018.
Starsmitten went to Northwestern University, where she found her way into the esports scene. She worked as a translator for Phoenix 1, which is a professional League of Legends team. While working there, she made a lot of friends, mainly from the group known as OTV/Friends, and these same friends encouraged her to start streaming for herself and suggested that she opens a Twitch account. Starsmitten became more and more popular throughout the years, and with each passing day, her subscriber count increased.

Her Twitch channel

Starsmitten is a huge star when it comes to gaming, and her main Twitch profile, “starsmitten,” has amassed over 202,000 followers, making her one of the biggest Twitch stars in the world.
Starsmitten was mainly streaming Fortnite before venturing into MOBA-type games and transitioning to streaming League of Legends, which she has mastered by this point and can be considered a true professional.
She is regularly seen streaming competitive matches, and her intelligence while playing is astounding. Having more than a 60 percent win rate in her matches makes her a pro player. She has also participated in professional competitive events where prizes were offered to the first place, and although her team didn’t win, she came really close.

Recently Starsmitten has transitioned into other games such as the FPS shooter Apex Legends, which she streamed for a few months before moving to VALORANT, just as the game came out.

Starsmitten currently resides in Los Angeles, and she is sharing a house with other streamers such as Valkyrae, XChocoBars, and Pokimane. Starsmitten also has cats, Mika, Hazel, and Mimi.
Currently, she can be found streaming VALORANT late at night with other high school friends and streamers.

Her social media presence

Apart from gaming, Starsmitten also has an Instagram account, “starsmitten_” where she has also garnered a very respectable following, currently sitting at 174,000 followers. She is quite active on Twitter as well, where her handle is “starsmitten_”.

The future is looking bright for the talented gamer, and she has really shown that she is a very intelligent person, making clutch plays and always have a strategy for even the direst of situations.


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