SodaKite – Famous Twitch Streamer

About Sodakite

SodaKite is an American Twitch streamer and is most famous for her Twitch channel, where she live streams playing games and does daily broadcasts. SodaKite began streaming in Twitch in 2014 and has grown ever since.


November 5, 1993

Birth Place


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Life before fame

SodaKite grew up in Arkansas, and due to there being few children her age nearby, she opted to play video games where she could meet with friends over the internet. She began her vlogs on YouTube in 2009, where she would talk about various video games that were coming out, as well as reviewing games that had been released recently. She was an avid gamer from an early age and began her gaming journey when her parents bought her the original Playstation in 1998. She began playing video games when she was 7, often spending whole afternoons embraced in the gaming world. Her parents would often criticize her for playing so much, but they’ve since changed their minds and are fully supportive of SodaKite’s decision to become a professional gamer.

She began live-streaming some of her gaming activities way back in 2013, but the platform to stream on wasn’t readily available, and it was a tedious task, luckily for SodaKite Twitch had just appeared, and she quickly moved her content over there, and that is when her popularity really started to rise.

Her Twitch account

SodaKite has a self-titled account on Twitch which has garnered more than 150,000 followers as of the writing of this article. She is mostly seen roleplaying in games such as Grand Theft Auto V.
Her demeanor is fun-like. Her roleplaying videos are insanely entertaining as she tells great jokes and imitates silly characters.

Her most famous roleplaying character in GTA V is Ellie Dono.
Ellie Dono is one of the members of the Leanbois and the manager of the Rooster’s Nest.
Her lore backstory is that Ellie was lying low somewhere in Mexico, together with Leanbois Al Saab and Denzel Willaims.

SodaKite has traditionally proclaimed that her character Ellie Dono is the “best taxi driver in Los Santos,” often allowing her passengers to pay whatever sum they deem adequate. She also claims to have a 95% survival rate of all her taxi drive services.

Her youtube channel

SodaKite also has a self-titled youtube channel which, although not as big as her Twitch profile, still has over 6,000 subscribers as of this point.

Some interesting facts

SodaKite has a Miniature Schnauzer named Zoey. She is also associated with fellow online gamer PeteZahHutt, and both are known for their frequent collaborations in Twitch streams where they play GTA V together.


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