Olan Prenatt – Famous Instagram Influencer

Who is Olan Prenatt?

He is a skateboarder who was signed to Illegal Civilization, a skateboard team. He was also part of the promo video released by Illegal Civilization. The video was named Chestnut Roasting. Apart from skating, he is also a model and an actor.


September 18, 1996

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Early Life, Family, and Education

Olan Prenatt, age 24, was born in the United States on September 18, 1996. He is a Venice Beach native, so he naturally grew up skating around town with his brother Andrew. As it is evident from Olan’s social media and many of his interviews, he is very attached to his brother. As children, they used to skate together and film their adventures daily.
Olan attended Hamilton High for his education and is blessed to have parents who support him all through the chase of his bizarre dreams. His mother, Tanya, is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach. Her forte is a media presence, manners, etiquette, and social grace.

His Career as A Model, Actor, And Skateboarder

Olan grew up paying attention to how he looks. He has always been into colorful and cheery clothes and dresses just like that. You will often see him skating around Jordan, wearing pink hoodies and leather jeans. His attire always has a carefree hint to street style. He first became interested in modeling and fashion when he was in middle school and began organizing his own wardrobe. The amateur skater stands stall and proudly flaunts his long brown curls on baby blue eyes. His outlandish and funky fashion style endeared him to some big fashion brands like Hugo Boss, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger. He frequently models for big brands and has a significant base on Instagram. He is a model on the rise with more than 50k followers on his Instagram handle.
Other than that, he is also known for his skateboarding. He has been riding his skateboard for as long as he can remember. But his passion for skating picked momentum when he received his first-ever paycheck for skating with Rogue Status. Currently, he is associated with Illegal Civilization. This skateboard team often collaborates with fashion icon and rapper Tyler, The Creator. Olan has also designed a merchandise collection for his team, Illegal Civilization. The collection is based on colorful and straightforward hoodies. He said in an interview with Vogue that the inspiration for his designs is simply his feelings. The merchandise is colorful because he feels happy.

As for acting, Olan made his silver screen debut in the film, Mid90, directed and written by Jonah Hills. In the movie, Prenatt plays the role of a combative rebel. This boozy and dreamy character is part of a group that is indulged in drugs and alcohol. The story basically depicts the character’s slow descent into the world of drugs. His portrayal received rave reviews from the critiques, encouraging him with confidence for his future acting and modeling projects.

Relationship Status

Olan Prenatt is currently in a relationship with a lady named “colombolov3” in her Instagram bio. She is an L.A.-based social media influencer and seemingly a fashion model too. As her Instagram profile suggests, she is affiliated with M Model Management.

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