Natalie Hanby – Famous Instagram Influencer

Who is Natalie Hanby?

Natalie Hanby is an English social media personality and Instagram star.


December 10, 1990

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign


How she rose to fame

Natalie Hanby initially came to the public’s attention after she appeared in her brother’s YouTube prank-themed videos. She came into the spotlight after being pranked on several of his videos. She is often the victim of elaborate practical jokes that her brother plays on her.

It is currently unknown what her fathers’ name is, but her mother, Giselle Hanby, has been featured in some of Natalie’s videos. Natalie has two siblings, the aforementioned brother Kristen Hanby and a younger sister Bryony Hanby.
Besides these few facts, she hasn’t shared any other background information, such as her early life, childhood, and education.

Health scare

In May of 2019, Natalie posted a picture with her brother, where she revealed that she is negative after going through four rounds of chemotherapy, which spanned over three months.

Natalie as a mother

Some of Natalie’s fans don’t know that she is a mother. Due to her nature of pranking her brother and her family, some may think she is just a carefree girl. Although she has a child, it is currently unknown who the father is, and Natalie has been very private when it comes to her personal life and hasn’t revealed anything to the media regarding whether she still lives with the parent of the child or is single.

Although based on a source, she is a married woman. Even though she hasn’t posted or said anything concrete regarding that, she did post a picture on December 25, 2018, where she is supposedly seen together with her husband and daughter. This was all changed a few years later when she started posting more frequently, and her husband is seen in many of her pictures.

Her Instagram career

Although Natalie first gained fame when she appeared in her brothers Kristen Hanby’s videos, she quickly found her place on social media platforms and has since grown to be a good influencer.
Natalie has well over 739,000 followers on her public Instagram profile under the handle “nathanby123”, where she frequently posts pictures of her family and friends.
And she had recently revealed that she is expecting another child, this time a baby girl. The expected birth is somewhere around August of 2021.
Her first-born daughter’s name is Lexi.

She likes to post various pictures with her family and friends and has shown that she has a good personality.

Natalie has also collaborated with many other artists throughout the years, and some of her prank victims include Phil Margera and Kate Martineau.

Natalie likes to post pictures of playing pranks on her younger brother, who was notoriously doing the same thing to her at the beginning of her career. Ohh, how the tides have turned throughout the years. Their family seems to be close.


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