Mike Stoklasa – Famous Youtuber

Mike Stoklasa is an American YouTuber, video producer and is well known for his fictional persona called Mr. Plinkett. He is an independent filmmaker, writer, and director. He also runs a review series on YouTube’ Half in the Bag’ which is loved by his fans. Stoklasa has over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers.


November 14, 1978

Birth Place

Illinois, United States of America




The 42 years old Mike Stoklasa was born in Illinois, United States. He has not said much about his personal life on any of his social media accounts or interviews. Therefore, we can’t say much about his immediate family or early educational background. Stoklasa seems like the kind of person who knows the pros and cons of success, and, naturally, he doesn’t want his personal life on the front page.

As for his career, he first came into the spotlight several years back when he uploaded a review of Star Trek Generation on his fresh YouTube channel in 2009. Few years before that, in 2004, he co-founded a video production company called Red Letter Media with his partner Jay Bauman. The company was founded in 2004 but got its big break in 2009 when Stoklasa published the Star Trek review featuring the beloved character of Harry S. Plinkett.

After the first Star Trek review, he kind of became the Social media star and went on with more reviews, including Star Wars and The Phantom Menace. He is now known for making waves on social media as the Red Letter lord. Through his famous reviews and other YouTube videos, he has gained himself a huge fan base with millions of subscribers and followers.

Apart from movie reviews, the channel named Red Letter Media also publishes comedy videos, some of them based on audience interactions and hilarious jokes. Stoklasa’s screen character Plinkett also features in the videos. In the segment, Plinkett Reviews, Mike usually gives reviews of action thrillers, television series, classic movies, or anything that might interest the audience. 

Some of his extraordinary works include Best of the Worst, The Nerd Crew, Feeding Frenzy, Space Cop, Half in the Bag, and The Recovered. With the channel’s success, Stoklasa has also recruited Rich Evans to work as a full-time actor on his channel.

Is Mike Stoklasa Married?

Well, even at the age of 42, Mike Stoklasa seems to be unmarried. From the look of things, he may prefer keeping his dating life under the radar as he has not spoken much about his personal life on any of the platforms. Although his fans have tried a lot to get him to spill the beans about his personal life, we assume that he does not give a hoot.

However, a few years back, there were alleged rumors about him dating a girl named Jessi Nakles. But none of these rumors were authenticated by Mike or anyone else, so we can say that they were all rumors after all. So, apparently, Mike Stoklasa seems to be single at the moment with no girlfriend or wife whatsoever.


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