Maddy Spidell – Famous Instagram Influencer

About Maddy Spidell

Maddy Spidell is an American social media influencer and Instagram model known for sharing various dance, fashion, and dog photos on her Instagram account “maddyspidell.” She is also the girlfriend of the worldwide famous YouTuber entrepreneur Mr. Beast (Real name Jimmy Donaldson).


March 31, 2000

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Maddy Spidell was first seen online when she posted photos of her ballet lessons in 2012. She’s shown to be a very talented individual ever since she was little and was very active in various outdoor sports.

Maddy was also seen in 2019 at a KISS concert, where photographs of her appeared online after the show. She has said that she’s a big fan of the band and would like to attend another concert in the future.

Her relationship status

Maddy Spidell has been dating the biggest YouTuber in the world – Mr. Beast. They were first seen together in a Mr. Beast video that was titled Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day” Mr. Beast showed just how far he’s ready to go in order to impress his girlfriend. They’ve also appeared together in a funny video from 2020 where Mr. Beast was trapped in solitary confinement, and Maddy visited him when he had 15 hours left. Spidell also appeared in a July 2020 video titled “I Adopted EVERY Dog From The Dog Shelter,” where the pair decided to adopt a very cute dog named Pinky. They fell in love after seeing it immediately.

Her music taste

Maddy Spidell is a big fan of Taylor Swift, and she has frequently talked about her during interviews. She’s said that she admires the multitalented and multidimensional singer.

Her YouTube channel

Maddy also has her own channel on YouTube, which is self-titled. She has over 38,000 subscribers as of December of 2021. She posts such videos as “Reading Lies About Myself On The Internet…” and various other topics.

Besides that, she is also very popular on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where she frequently posts. Her Twitter account has managed to attract over 18,000 followers, and her tagline is “nacho fries, Taylor swift, and Milwaukee basketball is all you’re really going to find here. ” Recently, her Twitter account has seen less activity as her last Tweet was at the end of November. She usually tweets a couple of times per week. Her Instagram page called “maddyspidell” has managed to garner 348,000 followers as of now and is her biggest social media platform around. She’s posted over 688 posts and frequently posts various pictures of herself as well as locations that she visits.
It’s easy to see why Mr. Beast chose her as her personality truly shines, and she seems like a great person overall. We wish them all the best in their relationship, and we’ll update any new developments in the next couple of months.


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