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Lucas Cruikshank – Famous YouTuber


Who is Lucas Cruikshank?

Lucas Cruikshank is a famous YouTuber and actor. He is best known for creating the character Fred Figglehorn, who would appear in his successful YouTube skits and get spin-off films and series.


August 29, 1993


Columbus, Nebraska, the United States of America



Personal Life

Lucas Alan Cruikshank comes from Nebraska, where he finished Lakeview High School. He has seven siblings, and his brother Jacob is also an influencer.

In 2013, he came out as gay online. Since 2013, he has been together with Australian model Matthew Fawcus.

Professional Life

Cruikshank created the character of Fred for YouTube and set up a special channel for this character in 2008. This led to a lot of success. Fred Figglehorn was a six-year-old with a high-pitched voice and a dysfunctional home life. In 2009, he was the first YouTuber to get over a million subscribers on his channel and the most subscribed channel on YouTube. In 2009, he filmed Fred: The Movie, which aired on Nickelodeon the next year. This led to the release of Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred in 2011, and Fred: The Show would follow in 2012. The franchise also involved Fred 3: Camp Fred. Cruikshank also released the animated series It’s Fred! on his YouTube channel.

As Fred, Cruikshank would also begin doing promotions for various products. In addition to his own series, the character would appear on iMeet Fred on iCarly, on Hannah Montana, Big Time Rush, and Supah Ninjas. In 2012 and 2013, he starred on Marvin Marvin, a Nickelodeon series about an alien teen.

He would also do other YouTube work. He was part of JKL productions alongside his cousins Jon and Katie Smet, but he left his group. In 2009, he set up the channel lucas, later becoming Lucas, which had over 3 million subscribers as of 2020. He collaborated with Jennifer Veal between 2013 and 2014.

He released two comedy albums: It’s Hackin’ Christmas with Fred and Who’s Ready to Party? in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Fred was Cruikshank’s most popular character, especially among younger viewers. This is a six-year-old boy with problems managing his emotions who lives in a turbulent home situation. The format for most videos involves Fred speaking to the audience in a high-pitched voice and with hyperactivity.

In 2020, Lucas Cruikshank launched a TikTok channel titled HeyItsFred, using his character as the center.


In 2009, Cruikshank won Choice Web Star in the Teen Choice Awards. He has also been nominated for the People’s Choice Awards, the Kids’ Choice Awards, and the J-14 Teen Icon Awards.

While Fred has been a hugely popular character, he has also drawn the annoyance of many due to his voice, described as grating, and his antics. However, the character also had plenty of fans.

In the web videos, Fred was perpetually six-years-old. But in other media, the character had gotten aged up to become a teen while maintaining the voice and style that made him famous.


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