Kindly Keyin – Famous YouTuber

Kindly Keyin is a family-friendly YouTube star who creates videos on various computer and mobile games. He mostly publishes reviews of children’s games. His content has been viewed at least 1.6 billion times as of now. The YouTuber has 3.42 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


September 14, 1987

Birth Place

California, United States

Zodiac Sign


Gaming and Early Life

Keyin has not been very vocal about his childhood and early life on social media platforms. There is no relevant information anywhere about his education either. What we do know is that he has been very interested in the gaming world since childhood. The video game “Mega Man X,” also goes by the name “Rockman X” in Japan, sparked his life-long interest in video games. Although later in life, his focus diverted towards other things such as job and education. But eventually, he reunited with his passion in 2016 when he began creating content on YouTube about mobile and internet games.

His Journey To 3M YouTube Subscribers

He was 8-years-old when he first played Mega Man X, and carrying on the passion for this game, he kick-started his YouTube channel in April of 2016. His first-ever YouTube video was titled “Jumpin’ and Shootin’ – Let’s Play Mega Man X – Episode 1”. When Kindly Keyin began posting videos, he wanted to shine out among other YouTubers publishing the same content type. He made his videos more children-friendly and became one of the most family-friendly YouTubers out there. The majority of his content was based on kids-oriented games, readily available android applications.
As his YouTube channel grew, he also started promoting independent gaming applications because many famous games were being covered by big YouTube channels. This helped Keyin expand his fan base, and merely three years after starting his YouTube channel, he hit 1M subscribers in March 2019. As of now, he has around 3.4 million subscribers.

Most Viewed Content

In recent months, his content on certain games has gained him more views, leading him to create more videos on such games. A few of his most-viewed videos were based on Hello Neighbor. In this horror stealth game, players have to survive by accessing a secret in the neighbor’s basement. The most exciting and creepy fact about this game is that AI programs can cause the neighbor’s attitude to change. These mood swings are often the result of your past actions in the game. If the neighbor is not happy with you, he can lay traps for you or follow you. Developers are now releasing additional content for this game.

Personal Life

Kindly Keyin is happily married with a daughter. His wife, Jessie, has also been featured in many of his YouTube videos. He also posts various photos with his family on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Keyin and Jessie revealed about their baby in late 2018 through a YouTube video. Their beautiful daughter was born a few months later. All his fans were very supportive of the two of them and gave them a lot of wishes. While some part of his personal life is revealed to the public, his parents’ and siblings’ information is still unknown.


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