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Kendra Rowe – Famous Instagram Influencer


Who is Kendra Rowe?

Kendra Rowe 20-year-old YouTuber; and she was born and raised in Canada. According to her Instagram bio, she dropped the university to join YouTube. Nothing more is known about her educational career. Currently, she is living in Los Angeles, California.


January 18, 2001

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign



Kendra Rowe seems to be single. She never talked about her relationship publically.


Canadian social media star that gained fame through YouTube has started her first YouTube channel with producers’ aid; after its success, in 2017, she created a self-titled YouTube channel. Currently, Kendra Rowe is running two YouTube channels. The main and the old one channel is “Trying on clothes” has more subscribers. In this channel, she put on different outfits and shares her reviews on them. People love the Rowe ways of Try on. Her Bikini and fashion try on are immensely popular among people. The second channel is about beauty and fashion and lifestyle blogs. In this channel, there are several collaboration videos with different people and YouTubers. Because of Kendra Rowe, natural style, people love to see her try on reviews and lifestyle blogs.
Her most viral videos include “PRETTY LITTLE THINGS TRY ON!!!”, “Brandy Melville, Try On Haul!!!; DID YOU MISS ME??” and “HOAKA SWIMWEAR | LIBE LINGERIE TRY ON!!!!!. The comments section of her YouTube channel is disabled due to unknown reasons. Her YouTube Tryon channel has 300,000 subscribers, and her Instagram account has 150,000 followers.
Zachary Elliot is Kendra Rowe’s coworker. Zachary Rowe is a photographer and writer, and he helps Kendra Rowe maintain behind the scene things like keeping background, and he is also a photographer of her photos.


Kendra Rowe said making fashion and lifestyle blogs is her hobby.


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