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Kelsey Kreppel – Famous American Youtuber


Kelsey Kreppel is an American YouTuber with Her Youtube channel having 732k subscribers with her videos having more than 46 Million views!! Her following on Instagram is pretty good with over 603k followers!

Her channel focuses on fashion, vlogs, cooking, and lifestyle. She had joined YouTube in December 2014 but didn't start publishing until December 8, 2017. She has achieved phenomenal growth on youtube in the last few years! She calls herself a “teacher turned YouTuber.”


She had studied child and adolescent development in college, this ultimately led to her becoming a preschool teacher. 

Kelsey was a cheerleader during her high school years.


  • In September 2017, she started dating popular YouTuber Cody Ko. That inspired her to start her YouTube channel in December of the same year. 
  • She has several tattoos. One of them includes a teddy bear, and another one has 1991 in roman numerals. 
  • People really like her because she is considered funny by her audience and has a likeability to her personality.
  • She loves having pineapple on her pizza. 
  • Her favorite toe is – her left pinky toe.
  • She had once broken her wrist in the 6th grade by running backward. And she cited this moment as one of her really embarrassing moments.
  • Her nicknames include “The Queen,” “Taco Tuesday Girl,” and “Cody in a wig/ female version of Cody.”
  • She is a big fan of Hamilton and Taylor Swift stan.
  • She once cited that her favorite day is Thursday.


September 24, 1993


Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Some of her pics:



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