Kaykayes – Famous YouTuber

Who is Kaykayes?

Kaykayes is a YouTuber and sports video gamer who creates gameplay content. His videos from Madden have helped him acquire over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Besides his videos, he also posts “What if” scenarios of actual sports events. Kaykayes is a well-known YouTube star in both America and Asia. He is also listed as a renowned YouTuber on YouTube Star List.


November 15, 1992

Birth Place

South Korea

Zodiac Sign


YouTube Career

Being a sports enthusiast since childhood, Kaykayes grabbed the first chance he got to express his views on games and sports on his YouTube channel named “KayKayES.” He joined the YouTube community in September of 2015 and immediately drew the attention of viewers toward himself. He kicked off his career as a YouTuber with an engaging video titled “Madden 16 Player Career Ep.1 ‘The Journey.” The video has got almost 250K views as of now.
He has featured games like Halo (Which he dubbed as his favorite in one of his videos), NBA 2K, Until Dawn, Call of Duty, and many others in his YouTube videos. He is also a very close associate of YouTubers Dre Drizzle and Anto Garabet. According to Kaykayes, Anto, Dre, and he have been friends for over 14 years.
As of now, the YouTubers have 1.34 million subscribers on his channel. Wikifamouspeople has listed him as one of the most popular YouTube celebs. Kaykayes has also been ranked in the list of famous people born on November 15, 1992.

Early Life and Family

Kaykayes’s real name is Eli Lewis which is his American name. He named all his social media accounts Kaykayes derived from his birth name, as he told fans in his Q&A videos.
There is not much information on the internet about his parents or siblings. However, he mentioned in one of his YouTube videos that he was born somewhere in South Korea and did not know anything about his biological parents. He was adopted by a couple on April 15, 1993, when he was just five months old. So, he came to the United States in 1993. As of now, we don’t know anything about the couple who adopted Kaykayes.
Although he was born in South Korea, he spent all of his life in the USA. Anything about his educational background or childhood is unknown. However, he mentioned in his videos that he always wanted to become an NFL player or a president as a child. He also used to play soccer, ice hockey, and football in school.

Dating Life

The YouTuber likes to keep his dating life private. Still, it is known that he is currently single and not in a relationship with anyone. However, according to sources, the 28-year-old Kaykayes or Eli had at least dated once in the past. He also once featured his girlfriend in his video. He has never been previously engaged either.


Kaykayes is very much passionate about games and sports, and it is quite evident from his videos. Besides making videos, playing games, and watching sports, he also likes to work out and upload his workout routine videos on his channel.


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