Kalvin Garrah – Famous YouTuber

Who is Kalvin Garrah?

Kalvin Garrah is an American YouTube star known for his self-titled YouTube channel, which has gained more than 350 thousand followers at the time of writing this, making him a truly respectable YouTuber. Kalvin Garrah is a transgender vlogger and has been sharing videos of his transitioning process, as well as his daily life. The young celebrity doesn’t shy away from covering both ups and downs of what it takes to fully become a transgender person and has had to deal with a considerable amount of opposition throughout the years. Although he’s always stayed positive and kept his head high, trying to add a positive spin to every situation and trying to see the best in others as well as himself.


July 6, 2000

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign


How he rose to fame

Kalvin began his YouTube days in March of 2015 when he officially created his YouTube channel and uploaded his first debut video titled “TREETOP ADVENTURE!”. Even though his channel started to gain traction in 2015, he had already created it way back in 2011.

Family life for Kalvin

Kalvin has a younger sister named Lily, who he loves very much, and they’ve appeared together in a few videos on Kalvin’s channel throughout the years. Speaking of his love life, he was initially dating a fellow TikTok creator Kenna Noel from 2017, but the pair sadly split up only a year later in 2018. After that, Kalvin revealed that he was in a relationship with a girl by the name of Hannah, but this also didn’t last long, and only a few months later, in September of 2019, Kalvin had already uploaded a video called “a day with my girlfriend” where he was seen filming together with his newfound love, a girl named Sienna.

Who is he associated with

Kalvin is close with the musical sensation Raegan Beast, and the two how been friends since 2019.


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