JaycGee – Famous Influencer

Who is JaycGee?

Jaycgee (Joelle Grieco) is an American Instagram star who is probably most known for her lifestyle, gaming, and fashion content on various social media sites, more prominently appearing on Instagram, Twitch, Youtube, as well as Facebook.
Jaycgee has become a multi-faceted celebrity. She’s doing many things at the same time, also becoming a professional model and getting endorsements from popular brands that she represents. Although Jaycgee has become a celebrity in her own right, she hasn’t let that get to her head and has stayed humble and down to earth which only increased her likability among her fans. While she is not modeling or appearing in a photoshoot, Jaycgee likes to stream herself playing video games which have amassed her a huge fanbase. She is a professional gamer and has accrued a strong following on Twitch (a streaming platform focused mostly on gaming). Her twitch handle is jaycgee.


February 11, 1992

Birth Place

New York, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Before becoming the multi-talented celebrity that Jaycgee is today, she worked at a couple of retail stores throughout the city. She’s said that her most memorable times were working for Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s Secret. Later on, she was hired to work as an assistant manager at GameStop (A gaming-oriented store), where she spent 2 years and credits the position for making her fall in love with video games and pursue a professional gaming career later on.

How she rose to fame?

Jaycgee started her Instagram profile in November of 2015 when she posted her first picture afterward. She stayed active and continued to update her profile on a daily basis, attracting more and more followers to her account along the way. Currently, the talented woman has a little over 36,000 followers on her Instagram profile which can be found under @JaycgeeOfficial.

Family life

While she is an American, her family is originally from Italy, and she has frequently traveled abroad to various countries in Europe. She was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and spent her childhood together with her older brother, with whom she shared a room until the age of 14. Jaycgee also has a pet Yorkie by the name of Nidalee that she frequently posts a picture of on her social media sites.
She is also associated with the well-known actor Richard Grieco who is best known for being a model turned actor and appearing on A Night at The Roxbury and on the Conan O’Brien show. Jaycgee has said that Richard Grieco is her cousin. They stay in touch and see each other a few times a year.

While her Instagram page is already at a respectable 36,000 followers, the main platform that she is most active in and has the most followers is Twitch, where the talented gamer currently has over 130,000 followers on her account and is expected to reach well over 200,000 by the end of 2021.


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