ItsEssi – Famous Influencer

Who is ItsEssi?

Essi or Essence, known as ItsEssi, is a popular YouTuber who does fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment content. Her followers are known as the Essi gang.


August 13, 1995

Birth Place

Austin, Texas, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Professional Life

This YouTuber has over 350 thousand subscribers and provides a lot of different content. She does reaction videos, try-ons, beauty videos, and pranks, providing a bit of entertainment for many different viewers.

Essence has her own brand, Simone Swim, a swimwear and beach accessories collection with unique designs and various sizes. Essie joined YouTube in 2012 and has, since then, achieved over 6 million views.

Among her most popular production, there are her reaction videos to popular hip-hop and rap songs, and the number 1 video in this area is her reaction to God’s Plan by Drake. Another popular video is the one where she rated her subscribers on a scale from 1 to 10. ItsEssi provides a lot of content.

She is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has 598 followers on Facebook, 5 thousand followers on Twitter, and 118 thousand followers on Instagram. On each site, she can be found as ItsEssi. She also has a fitness Instagram at fitnessxessi, where she posts info about her fitness goals and workouts to inspire her followers for a healthier lifestyle. ItsEssi has stayed fit as part of her engagement with the army and a way to stay healthy.

Simone Swim is named after Essence’s other name, Simon√©, and seeks to be a body-positive brand that offers trendy and colorful swimwear for women and men of all sizes. It also strives to be empowering and supportive to help anyone enjoy their vacation while feeling happy and comfortable in their skin. The brand was founded in 2020 and was inspired by Essence Thompson’s passion for helping others embrace their body, creating attractive garments for body types traditionally ignored by the swimwear industry. Despite not being a trained fashion designer, she designed the outfits herself and worked hard to launch her swimwear collections. She often models them herself and promotes them regularly.

Personal life

Essi went to Lockhart high school and then to Texas State University, where she achieved a Bachelor’s degree in public relations. She has three siblings: two brothers and a sister, sometimes featured in her content. Essi is not particularly open about her personal life and allows her content to speak for herself. She has kept her romantic and most of her relationships under wraps.


Essi was part of the Texas Army National Guard. She is a veteran as well as an entrepreneur and YouTuber.

ItsEssi got COVID-19 and vlogged about the whole experience during the pandemic since she got a positive test for her recovery. During the pandemic, she also launched her own business.

Essi showed off her sister and brothers in a video that focused on transforming her sister’s looks to be closer to Essi’s.


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