Inga Lam – Famous Instagram Influencer

Who is Inga Lam?

Inga Lam is an American Instagram celebrity.


June 19, 1994

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Inga Lam grew up in Idaho, and she was a very active child when growing up. She was very passionate about sports and culinary and frequently helped her mother to prepare meals, acting as an assistant. Her culinary passion made her realize that she really enjoys prepping meals and making various exotic dishes. Inga Lam attended her local college, “The College of Idaho,” where she graduated with a BA in psychology in 2016. After finishing college, Inga decided that she would focus on online work and decided to pursue photography and video editing courses.

Finding fame on Instagram

Inga Lam became famous after she grew her social media personality by running her own Instagram account under the handle ingatylam. Her Instagram profile grew steadily throughout the years and not before long. She was a massive superstar in her own right. Her account currently has 194,000 followers, and she is expecting to reach the 200,000 follower mark by the end of July 2021. Inga likes to post various photos of her culinary achievements, making delicious meals that are also healthy. Inga is very adamant about staying active and likes to exercise on a regular basis. Although culinary is her passion, she also enjoys doing lifestyle photo blogging. Inga Lam frequently shares her latest captured scenery photos on her Instagram profile, alongside her delicious meal photos.

Additionally, Inga is also a video producer for the popular YouTube channel BuzzFeed, and she continuously stated that she enjoys the process of video editing. Although it is a time-consuming activity, the end result is always worth the effort.

Inga Lam can also be seen together with her mother on numerous photos in her Instagram account, and Inga had stated that her mother has always been a shoulder to rely on when times got tough. Inga’s mother has supported her throughout her journey and has always provided valuable feedback on how she could improve her work.

Inga is also frequently seen doing viral food cooking challenges such as the “I Only Ate Purple Foods For 24 Hours” video. She has also produced trendy food series titled “Trendy Vs. Traditional,” which can be found on her BuzzFeed profile.

Some interesting trivia

Inga has also done many videos regarding lifestyle optimization and general “lifehacking”. She has also been featured on Giant Food Time, Make It Big, and Worth It.

Although Inga grew up in Idaho, she was actually born in Hong Kong, according to a source, although this has not been thoroughly confirmed, and she hasn’t confirmed it in many interviews as of now.


Inga Lam has been seen alongside Dominique Ansel in pictures on her social media profiles, which has sparked some debate about whether the two are dating. Although it could be the case, nothing has been made public, and she hasn’t stated who she is dating currently, so it is nothing but speculation at this point.


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