Hyoon – Famous Twitch Streamer

Who is Hyoon?

Kang Hee Yoon, mostly known by Hyoon, is an American Instagram model and Twitch streamer. Her online career started with her debut on Instagram in August of 2014. She used the platform to post her selfies and life updates. Until this day, she still does what she loves most, digital illustrating. Her fan arts nailed her a total of 289k followers on Instagram and 181k followers on Twitter. The young artist then tried out Twitch streaming as it grew more popular among internet personalities. She now has a tally of 109k followers on Twitch. At the start of her career, she used to go by the alias of Aikuros on Instagram before switching to Hyoon, which combines her Korean first name. The very first digital art she has ever done was a drawing of an original character. She had named this character Kageyama. Before 2014, the artist used to post her works on her Tumblr blog before discontinuing it.


June 15, 1995

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Hyoon’s Life on Twitch

Being a novice to Twitch streaming, Kang Hee Yoon successfully managed to comprehend how the platform works. Her favorite categories over on Twitch are Just Chatting and Art. She spends most of her streaming time sharing random stories about herself and her friends. She also practices her art skills in front of thousands of viewers. However, she mostly does so by using a computer-generated avatar that resembles her. All in all, she can be given multiple appellations: Instagram star and influencer, digital artist, Twitch streamer, VTuber, etc.

Relationship Status

We do not know much about Hyoon’s private life, even though she regularly talks about her life on Twitch. Her Instagram posts and life on Twitch indicate that Hyoon is still single. Likewise, the identity of either her parents or siblings is unknown.


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