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Who is Holly Anna Ramsay?

We all know the face of noted British chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is a cookbook author and the anchor of the TV show Hell’s Kitchen. Holly Anna Ramsay is Gordon’s and Tana’s second child. Due to her father’s celebrity status, Holly Anna Ramsay appeared several times in numerous cooking shows and chat shows alongside her father. Holly was also a part of her sister’s cooking series show Matilda and the Ramsay’s Bunch for Five Years. Let’s look at what we known about Instagram’s popular celebrity kid, her early life, and her love life.


January 1, 2000

Birth Place

England, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign


Who Is Holly Anna Ramsay?

Holly was born on January 1 in the year 2000. Being born to Gordon and Tana Ramsay, the young kid always remained a part of the limelight. She appeared on many television shows with her father and other family members. She first appeared on-screen in her father’s show The F-Word in 2005. She also made an appearance on Gordon’s other show Hell’s Kitchen. She got more exposure from the media due to her appearance as his father’s plus one in many recognized events like GQ Awards and BAFTA. Currently, she has over two-hundred-and-forty-eight thousand followers on Instagram.

In 2012, she attended the Teen’s Choice Award and gained a huge fan following. She became a regular part of Matilda and Ramsay’s Bunch in 2014, often shifting between her house in UK and California to attend the show. The show focused on following Ramsey’s family activities during summer break and focused on the younger Ramsey, Matilda.

Holly is used to silver, gold, and luxuries. Thanks to her father’s reputation, she has always been a part of many prestigious events and chat shows. Holly currently attends Ravensbourne University in London. It looks like the young kid has taken to her parents when it comes to cooking, but she has different plans for her career and upcoming life. She says that she would love to associate herself with the fashion and clothing industry.

Let’s Have a Look at Young Ramsey’s Family and Personal Life

Holly is the second born to the lively family of Gordon and Tana Ramsay. Holly has always been in the spotlight from the moment she was born, but she does share the limelight with her twin brother Jack, who was born only minutes after the birth of Holly. Her whole family has been known and loved by the audience. She has an elder sister Megan Jane Ramsey and a younger sister Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay. Apart from the twin brother, she also has a younger brother named Oscar James Ramsay. The whole Ramsey family can be summed up in the word “Perfect”.

Holly is smart, and she managed to keep her safe away from controversies. Despite having a huge fan following on Instagram, she still doesn’t share everything with her fans. She likes to keep her dating life private. Ramsay’s and Beckham’s families have always been great friends, and that is why Holly Anna Ramsey seems a very close friend to Brooklyn Beckham. It’s a rumor that they have dated each other in the past, but neither Holly nor Brooklyn ever confirmed the news.


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