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HeyImBee – Famous Youtuber


HeyImBee is a popular YouTube channel named after a girl with a fear of bees, moths, and seaweeds. Twenty-seven-year-old popular Youtuber and Twitch gaming streamer achieved her steady rise to fame through her VR chat videos on YouTube. The young YouTuber’s real name was Bianca. She was merely 13 years old when she started posting her Minecraft and VRCHAT videos on the internet. Bianca started her YouTube channel ‘HeyImBee’ in 2006 and currently has more than 2.73 million active subscribers on YouTube. Her videos on Minecraft gained her this ongoing and persistently rising fan following on YouTube and Twitch. She has over eight 820,000 followers on Twitch, 385,000 on Twitter, and 720,000 followers on Instagram. She also posts random vlogs and gaming videos on her YouTube page to entertain and engage her audience. Her content mostly excites young audiences and gamers. Her live gaming streams are liked and watched by not only the Australian audience but people all over the world.


September 22, 1993


Melbourne, Australia



Early Life

Most of the people know her as Bee. Even though she never mentioned her last name to the viewers but her first name is Bianca. Bianca discovered that she was allergic to bees and can’t get near them when she was a kid. After discovering her inexorable fear of bees, Bianca’s fellow mates named her ‘Bee.’ She embraced the name with open arms. She made a YouTube channel in March 2006 and named it ‘HeyImBee’. Her YouTube channel immediately grabbed the attention of the younger audience. It gradually became one of the most popular gaming channels of YouTube. She also established her name on the popular streaming site, Twitch. At first, she used to make videos on Minecraft and VRCHAT only, but her content became more diverse and engaging with the time. She started snooping upon other popular games like Fortnight, Call of Duty, and Pixelmon. Her videos are captivating, funny, and watched by people all over the world. With passing time, HeyImBee became her name, and she started getting appreciation and attention.

Personal Life

Although the young social media star doesn’t share a lot about her personal life, she posted a video in 2015 titled ‘Draw My Life’, in which she shared her real name, relationship status, and other personal information with the viewers. Bianca has an older brother and a pet dog called Rosie. She is known to be good friends with Grazer10, who is also a popular gamer on YouTube. In 2015, she tagged her boyfriend Gingy in a video but, in 2016, they broke up and parted their ways.

Unlike most popular YouTubers, Bee likes to keep her personal life hidden from the prying eyes. As for now, she is single and not currently dating anybody. Bianca is an inspirational example that tells people how you can build your name in any field and age.


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