Hailey Grice – Famous Influencer

Who is Hailey Grice?

Hailey Grice is a social media star most widely recognized for her personal Instagram account, @haileygrice. She has gained a following for her personal photos, as well as the pictures where she is seen modeling.


November 5, 1998

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

Hailey Grice had a fun childhood, and she was very active as a child, often taking extra curriculum classes. Hailey was even a competitive cheerleader from the tender age of six years old. This was before social media being present, and Hailey has said that she is thankful that she got to enjoy a time without it, although she wouldn’t want to return to that period these days.

Her social media accounts

Hailey has garnered her biggest following on her main Instagram profile under the handle “haileygrice,” where she is frequently seen posting pictures of herself in various lingerie and sexy sportswear. She has accumulated over 824,000 followers as of the time of writing this article, making her a true internet celebrity and an influencer in her own right.

Hailey has also opened a backup Instagram account under the handle “hailey_grice,” where she currently has a bit over 50,000 followers.

Although Instagram is where she has the most followers, she is also quite active on other social media platforms.
Hailey also has a TikTok account, @haileygrice, where she posts various clips of herself, as well as clips with her friends. She currently has over 104,000 followers on her account, and by the looks of it, she’ll have over 200,000 followers by the end of 2021. Hailey has also opened her own OnlyFans account.

Hailey also has a Facebook account, although she doesn’t post there as actively as she does on Instagram and TikTok.

Her personal life

Hailey Grice has had a few relationships over the years, and most notably, she dated fellow Instagram and YouTube star Dylan Dauzat, although the pair have since broken up, and currently it is not known whether the talented influencer is dating anyone.


In her free time, Hailey enjoys wakeboarding as well as traveling, having said that she’s fallen in love with Europe and, more specifically, Budapest, where she intends to return at least once every few years due to how beautiful the architecture is. She is also still cheerleading from time to time as a guest cheerleader at a local high school which she does purely for fun a few times a year to remember her childhood days of doing it.


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