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Gordon Ramsay – Famous Chef


Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality TV personality. He is one of the most influential and famous chefs from Britain that achieved a lot of success thanks to his TV appearances and main roles on reality shows like Kitchen Nightmares.


8 November 1966

Birth Place

Johnstone, Scotland, UK

Zodiac Sign


Professional Life

Gordon Ramsay is a chef who founded a global restaurant group in 1997, earning 16 Michelin stars over the years. In 1999, Ramsay appeared in a TV miniseries titled Boiling Point, which helped him become one of the better recognized and most famous chefs in the UK.

Later on, he became a presenter and judge on various shows focusing on cooking, competitive cooking, and the restaurant business. In 2004, he was in Hell’s Kitchen. Between 2004 and 2009, as well as in 2014, he was the star in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, followed by The F Word that ran between 2005 and 2010. Starting in 2005, Ramsay has been featured in Hell’s Kitchen, the American version of the show that ran between 2005 and 2014.

He appeared on MasterChef since 2010 and MasterChef Junior since 2013. Other shows he was featured on were Hotel Hell (2012 to 2016), Gordon Behind Bars (2012), and 24 Hours to Hell and Back between 2018 and 2020.

The chef has also had guest appearances on other shows, like American Idol and Big Brother. In addition to reality TV, he has been featured in a Simpsons episode, in an episode of the show New Girl, and also did voice work for Big Hero 6: The Series.

Ramsay is expected to appear in several more shows in the future, with Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars scheduled for a 2022 release.

Ramsay’s become distinct for his personality and abrasive, blunt, and strict demeanor towards the contestants. He is well-known for being quite aggressive in his presentation and not mincing words when giving feedback, often using profanity to express his opinion of a dish. However, on MasterChef Junior, which features kids and teens as contestants, he is notoriously more careful and sensitive with his criticism and language. Throughout his career, he has been involved in several controversies.

Gordon Ramsay has written 26 books. He also owns dozens of restaurants across the world, in the UK, the USA, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as other countries.

Personal Life

Ramsey has been married to Cayetana Hutchinson since 1996. He is a father of five kids. Gordon’s and Tana’s second child Holly Anna Ramsay is a popular social media influencer having more than 298000 followers on Instagram.

Holly Ramsay
Holly Ramsay with Gordon Ramsay


In 2006, Gordon Ramsay was awarded the Order of the British Empire or OBE by the Queen for his achievements in the hospitality industry.

He has won three Catey Awards, one of only three people to achieve this.

Ramsay is one of the highest-earning celebrities in the world, being featured in the top 20.

The chef is known for being very dedicated to his physical form, often competing in marathons and exercising to stay in shape.

Ramsay once almost drowned in icy water in Iceland.


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