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Dee Shanell – Famous Youtuber


Who is Dee Shanell?

Dee Shanell is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer who mostly produces reaction videos. Dee has reached a wide following that has supported her since the start of her career. She is best known for her reactions to different videos and Internet situations that are entertaining to watch.


July 31, 1989

Birth Place

Los Angeles, California, USA

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Dee Shanell was with a boyfriend called Brandon for a long time. They began their influencer careers as a couple. They broke up in 2018 and split their joint channels. While her personal life was a part of the channel for a long time, she eventually separated them. Now her life is less of a part of her brand and her videos. However, Dee has an attractive personality that resonates with the thousands of people who tune into her videos every day. Dee does not reveal that much about her current relationships and more details about her personal life.

Professional Life

Dee Shanell joined YouTube on May 13, 2016. Currently, she has over 707 thousand subscribers to her channel and 248 million views overall. She has recently focused more on reaction videos, reacting to many different types of content with humor and style that have made her popular.

She started her career in 2016 next to her boyfriend, Brandon. Their channel was called Dee & Brandon ENT, where the couple would post prank, challenge, and reactions content. It reached about 600 thousand subscribers. When the couple broke up, they shared their channels. Brandon kept the reaction channel, while Dee kept the prank and challenge channel, although she shifted the focus eventually.

Her most-watched videos are her reactions to Nicole TV being a relatable queen for 5 minutes straight and to the compilation of Nikocado Avocado.

She has over 84 thousand followers on Instagram. Here, she mainly posts selfies and pictures highlighting her looks and engages with her audience. She also has a Patreon for her most loyal fans.

Despite starting her career with Brandon, Dee has continued it successfully in her own right. Today, she is a very effective and popular creator, thanks to her reactions and the other types of content that she has created over the years. Dee has a lot of personality, and her viewers love watching her engage with different weird things online.

Dee diversifies her brand by posting content more focused on beauty, lifestyle, pranks, challenges, and more to build a brand beyond reactions.


Dee started her career on the Dee & Brandon ENT channel, which grew significantly before the couple broke up and split their channels to keep going.

Dee Shanell posts very frequently, releasing multiple videos per week to keep her viewers engaged.

In addition to her longer reaction videos, she also does mini reactions to TikToks that involve strange, gross, or other things that don’t merit a full reaction.

Dee always updates her audience about any delay or issue with the videos and is very regular about her postings.


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