Chubbyemu – Famous YouTuber

Who is Chubbyemu?

Chubbyemu is a YouTube star who has made his career thanks to his popular analysis of medical cases done in a way that’s entertaining and accessible for the layperson. He has over 100 million views on his channel.


September 14, 1984

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Professional life

Chubbyemu tells stories in medicine, using real cases that he or his colleagues saw. Each case tells a unique story and provides a greater insight into the field of medicine that most people might not know about. He does not strive to provide medical advice and offers education, not medical consultations. However, he is a licensed provider and a professor teaching at the University of Illinois. He started doing YouTube in 2015, although his early videos were meant mainly to teach him how to make videos. In 2017 he adjusted his content and reached a high level of success thanks to the unique approach and solid theoretical background he brings to each of his productions. In 2020, his channel hit 100 million views, and by 2021, he had almost 200 million. Originally, he offered gaming and motivational content but eventually shifted towards medical cases, explaining the results of some extreme behaviors and how they impacted the person’s health. His most popular video so far is one that talks about the result of mercury on the brain of a woman who spilled a tiny dose on her hand. This video has around 11 million views. His signature is the type of videos that usually have titles that follow a format of X did Y. This is What Happened. He has over 1 million subscribers on his channel.

He graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and then became a Doctor of Pharmacy. Later, he took the position of Clinical Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois. Beyond YouTube, he works in the field of oncology.

Personal life

Chubbyemu’s real name is Bernard Hsu. His parents are Taiwanese and arrived in the U.S. to difficult circumstances, working hard to build a life for themselves, a work ethic they later taught their son. He is not very open about his personal life. Still, he does share more about his motivation and experiences, like a weight loss program that was very hard for him and documented through his channel and social media.


Chubbyemu loves video games and often plays, so many of his first videos were focused on his favorite games.

Bernard Hsu’s parents came to the U.S. with limited resources and support but managed to build a great life for themselves.

Chubbyemu has always felt the support of his family and friends, encouraging him to do whatever he chose to accomplish.

His video about a boy who ate laundry pods went viral and achieved a million views in just about a day.

Chubbyemu is an actual clinician, though he is very clear that his videos are not meant to be taken as advice.

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