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Caroline Konstnar – Famous Influencer


Who Is Caroline Konstnar?

Caroline Konstnar is a well-known social media influencer and songwriter. She is best known for her YouTube channel that gained her a large fan following. Caroline’s real name is Caroline Grossman, but she changed her last name to Konstnar. Konstnar is a Swedish word that means artist. Caroline is also known to some people as a singer, songwriter, actress, and ballet dancer. You can say that she is a multitalented young mind.

Caroline doesn’t share a lot about her personal life on social media, but she did mention that her mother’s name is Liz Grossman. She also doesn’t talk a lot about her academic life, but she might be in high school or about to graduate. Caroline loved to take ballet classes. She has a classic gold medal in ballet for participating in the South African International Ballet Competition.


August 4, 2003

Birth Place

Florida, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Why Caroline Konstnar Is Famous?

Caroline started her YouTube channel on August 9, 2018. She started posting sketch comedy and song-parody videos. Although her work didn’t immediately get the appreciation she deserved, she kept putting up her illustration. In 2019, her videos eventually got the audience’s attention and came to the spotlight. Her first ever video to reach one million was named “Its Prom.”

Caroline’s first-ever song video was named “CornCast: Makayla and I Yell”. This video was posted on March 30, 2019, and currently has almost one hundred and sixty-five thousand views on YouTube. The most popular song on her channel is The STD Song. Other than her remarkable songs and YouTube videos, Caroline is also a gold medalist. In 2016, she took part in the South African International Ballet Competition and won a classical gold medal.

The young artist also has a tremendous fan following on Instagram and other social media websites. She uses her social media accounts to showcase her talent and promote her illustrations. Other than that, she also posts music and comedy content on her page. She has over two hundred seventy-four thousand followers on Instagram.

Caroline Konstnar’s Personal Life

Caroline is quite private with her dating life. She never shared anything about her personal life or boyfriends. Currently, she is determined to make her name through her talent and skills. She might have dated a few people in the past, but she never disclosed the name. Caroline has maintained a low profile when it comes to controversies. Despite being a well-known Instagram influencer, she never shares a lot about her family and relationships. Moreover, she has plenty of time to find love and have a relationship. Caroline once joked about her sexuality and called herself bi-curious, but she is out as straight.

Caroline is one example that shows that age is just a number when it comes to talent.

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