Bridgette Feuerstein – Famous Instagram Influencer

She is an Instagram influencer and obsessed with everything health and wellness. She is a Fitness instructor who is popularly known for her sizable social media presence. She has attained popularity on her Bridge_Fit Instagram account that has more than 194k Followers. Her Instagram is filled with her tips and tricks for living the healthiest, happiest life! She posts workout tutorials, her lifestyle pics, and inspirational messages. 


July 25, 1990


United States Of America

Zodiac Sign



She was born and raised in Washington state; she earned her undergraduate degree from Washington State University. She now lives in Tennessee.

She is gluten-free, dairy-free, and a Pescatarian. She prefers natural beauty products.

Number of cookbooks on her bookshelf – 42

How many times she has moved in her lifetime – 18

The year she became a Feuerstein – 2018

How many States she has traveled to in the USA – 24

Family Life

Her maiden name is Doremus. She is an Entrepreneur and founded her Stripped Fitness lifestyle and fitness brand in June 2013. . In January 2018, she got engaged to famous rapper NF. They got married the same year in September.


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