Bria Myles – Famous Influencer

Who is Bria Myles?

Bria Myles is an Instagram influencer, dancer, and model; she was born on May 21, 1984.
Bria is an urban model and also a dancer; she has many talents and has risen to become a massive Instagram celebrity in recent years.

Bria has even been mentioned in the lyrics from the international superstar singer Drake, where she has been mentioned in such songs as Bria’s Interlude (with this actually being a song about Bria in specific), as well as From Time, where Drake also mentioned Bria, they have a good relationship with one another and Drake has been known to even tour together with Bria on several occasions.
She has also been featured in such spread as King Magazine, Smooth Magazine, XXL Magazine, and BlackMen Magazine.


May 21, 1984

Birth Place

Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Her life before fame

While her career took off like a storm, Bria used to be a backup dancer for R. Kelly, as well as the Ying Yang Twins, when they performed in Los Angeles-based shows.

Her social media presence

Bria has become a massive social media star, having an active Instagram following that consists of more than 1,800,000 followers. This makes her one of the top Instagram celebrities from the United States. She keeps an active profile and tends to upload to her page on a daily basis, sharing her everyday life, as well as professional modeling pictures, dance shows, and other endeavors. Her follower count has increased by over half a million in 2021 alone, appearing that she will likely surpass the 2 million follower mark by the end of 2021.

Her family life and love interest

Bria is of Guyanese and Trinidadian descent. Relationship wise she has been the girlfriend of Drake. They were together for a few years after having met one another in a club in Miami. Their relationship came to an end after a few years of being together when Drake became the superstar that he is today, but looking back, they’ve both said that they enjoyed one another’s company and have still remained friends to this day, holding no grudges for one another.
Bria is currently single, but she’s stated that she is open to start a new relationship if the person is right.

Her other music ventures throughout the years

Even before she appeared on Drakes music videos, Bria was also seen in the notorious gangsters Nas’s music video Common, where was the lead in the video, way back in 2011. Then she also appeared in the song “Ghetto Dreams,” that came out the very same year.
Bria continues to model to this day and has seen many endorsements. She has been living in Los Angeles throughout her adult life and only likes to travel for work, preferring to stay in her home city whenever she can; she has stated she wouldn’t like to move elsewhere.


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