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About Anna Marisax

Anna Marisax was born on November 1, 1990, in Poland. She has grown to become a star in her own right by being a model and running a successful YouTube channel that has seen well over 130 million views throughout its lifetime. She’s been very active throughout the years and mostly focuses on doing vlog-type videos for her loyal subscribers. She’s also very active on Instagram and has well over 240,000 followers on the platform, where she also stays active and posts captivating and inspiring pictures from her numerous destinations. If you’re a fan of traveling, then you’ll likely spend hours upon hours enjoying her content.


January 8, 1991

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Life before fame

Marisax was born in the city of Krakow in Poland. She started traveling at a very young age and has always found discovering new places and cultures to be fascinating. While she herself is Polish, as is her Dad, Anna’s mother is from Ukraine. Anna has graduated from the esteemed Waldorf school of arts back in 201She launched her YouTube channel in March 2013 when she uploaded her first video to the platform.

Traveling to more than 40 countries

She began sharing her journeys in 2015, using her main social media platforms. She discovered that she could inspire people to explore the beauties of our world with her passionate approach to delivering compelling and awe-inspiring videos detailing the wonders of the places she visits. She’s been everywhere from Asia to Oceania, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa, you name it – she’s probably been there, having had traveled to over 40 different countries throughout the years. While her main focus is traveling, she’s also working as a model, wishing to inspire people in fashion and their lifestyle habits.

She’s been very vocal about how much she appreciates all the support she’s been getting throughout her journey, and she thrives on inspiring people to become a better version of themselves, as well as to discover the hidden beauties and unique places from all around the world. Her self-titled YouTube channel has gained international fame as she’s been vlogging and documenting her travels to every single destination she visits. She’s had an entire series of more than 16 episodes uploaded to her channel that cover her interesting journey in Mexico. While other countries haven’t received as many videos, she’s stated how much she fell in love with the Mexican culture and everything that goes along with it.

Private life

While it isn’t much known about Anna’s intimate life, it seems that she’s single and hasn’t expressed anything that would suggest otherwise. Rumors were going around back in 2019 that she was dating her fellow Polish adventurer blogger and popular YouTuber Julian Frysztacki, but there haven’t been any sources to verify that this information was true, so unless she explicitly states so, we should politely assume she is single and enjoying her travels alone for the time being.


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