Alex Meyers – Famous YouTuber

Who is Alex Meyers?

Alex Meyers is a popular YouTuber who has gained notoriety thanks to his unique style of animation that makes his videos fun and entertaining. He provides stories, video essays, and more with a fun animated avatar to engage with the viewers.


May 17, 1988

Birth Place

Sioux City, Iowa, United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Alex moved to Japan in 2006. He has a dog called Charlie that is often shown on the channel.

Professional life

Alex is an animator who is well-known for his YouTube channel. He has over 400 million views on his channel that focuses on simple and lovely animations focused on reviews and stories from his life, usually with a comedic tone and a lot of relatability. He started his channel in 2015 after starting to feel bored with his job and quickly began to garner a following.

Alex has over 2.5 million subscribers and usually gets several million views on his videos. His popular videos include both the pop culture analyses he makes and his stories, particularly his tale of woe about Tinder and a breakdown of popular personalities like Amy Schumer and Riverdale. He has focused mostly on shows from Netflix and also those developed by Disney and Nickelodeon. His stories with the little animated character serving as a fun medium of telling comedic stories with a relatable side that helped the audience connect to the YouTuber. However, his content is mostly focused on reviews, where he has gained a lot of traction compared to other YouTubers producing similar content thanks to an engaging personality and a cool animated approach that makes the videos more fun to watch.

He was among the pioneers of the animated storytime format, which gained a ton of followers. His Riverdale analysis was an inspiration for this format because he decided that a serious essay format did not fit with a video where he wanted to talk about how dumb something was and why it was dumb. The video helped the channel and gave it a huge boost, with many people being hugely entertained. Alex decided to apply the format more and use it more effectively, creating a recognizable and ultra-popular channel brand.


Alex Meyers has been living in Japan since 2006. He is said to hold a job in the tech industry.

The YouTuber has a dog, Charlie, who he describes as the cutest dog globally and often shows to his viewers.

Alex is often asked to talk about his life in Japan and, while he is not reluctant, he states that he is unsure of what would be interesting or strange to his audience because he is so used to the culture there.

Alex usually reviews dumb or strange media, focusing on shows from Disney, Nickelodeon, and Netflix, focusing on stuff that he can make fun content about, often pointing out the strange elements of a show or movie for entertainment to great success.


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