Aikuros – Famous Influencer

Who is Aikuros?

Aikuros is an Instagram star who posts her photos and her artwork on this platform. She has been very successful in both types of content. Aikuros has reached a lot of followers on this social network app.


June 12, 1995

Birth Place

United States of America

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Aikuros is not very open about her personal life, mostly sharing her likes and dislikes through the art she posts. She enjoys anime and often makes fanart – unofficial drawings of characters and scenarios from the shows or games she enjoys. She mostly does digital art. She used to have a hamster named Kuma.

Professional Life

Aikuros has over 391thousand followers on Instagram. She has made her name through two types of content. One, she posts her selfies, always looking amazing and connecting with her audience. Mostly, she posts photos of herself in different outfits, sometimes doing cosplay of characters that she likes.

In regards to her art, Aikuros posts many digital images, creating her own original characters and also producing top-quality, beautiful fan art. Fanart involves making unofficial art of popular anime, games, or other characters to show one’s love for the medium. Her art looks beautiful and quickly earned her a lot of followers as well.

Aikuros also has a Twitch channel where she streams her artistic process and shows how she produces the drawings that her audience likes so much. She streams under the name hyoonk. She also has a Tumblr blog to showcase her art and a TikTok account too.

Her first post on Instagram was in 2014, where she showed off her art of Kageyama, a popular anime character. Since then, she has posted over 340 times, both her pictures and her creative work.


The account name Aikuros comes from Kill La Kill. The artist watched this anime and decided to name her Instagram after her favorite character in the anime. She states that she is not very good at coming up with names, so she decided to take this route.

Aikuros is also known as Hyoon. She uses the name hyoonk for her Twitch blog.

There are several fan pages that focus on Aikuros, highlighting her looks and personality.

She does modeling and brand collaborations, as well as works with other influencers.

Aikuros also enjoys gaming and often asks her followers for recommendations.

Some of her most popular photos are in cosplay – she dresses up as a game or anime character. One that has gained a lot of traction was her cosplay as Tifa, a character from the Final Fantasy series of games. Other popular cosplays include a bunny suit and costumes inspired by Japanese culture.

Hyoon shares her favorite music with her followers on Instagram and often talks about her tastes with her audience. She usually posts her favorite albums or the songs she is listening to right now.

She favors black, white, and red for her clothes and often posts outfits that use these basic colors.


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