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Aaron Kyro – Famous Youtuber


Who is Aaron Kyro?

He is a famous Youtuber with over 5.17 million subscribers. Aaron is a sponsored skateboarder currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. You might know him from his YouTube channel where he shares information about skateboarding.


September 10th, 1983

Birth Place

Denver, Colorado, USA

Zodiac Sign


Professional Life:

Aaron has a successful YouTube channel. The name of his channel is Braille Skateboarding. Not only does he share skateboarding tips in his videos, but he also wrote two books on riding skateboards knows as Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 5 and Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 6. These books contain information on how you can skateboard in many various ways. You can do skateboarding tricks or overall learn how to skateboard by following his YouTube tutorials. For people who want to learn but don’t know where to begin, they can easily grab these books and learn quickly.


We don’t have much information on his family and dating life. However, after moving to Sans Francisco Bay, he got married to Danielle Kyro.

Trivia and Interesting Facts:

Before having a successful YouTube channel, Aaron raised 35,000 dollars for a skateboarding park in his small-town Montana for the local community back to where he lived before moving to Sans Francisco. He not only runs a YouTube channel but also built a website with the same name as his YouTube channel called Braille Skateboarding. He has two Instagram pages, one where he posts his pictures and another for the tricks and lessons of skateboarding. Revive Skateboard got Aaron his first big sponsorship.
Aaron Kyro first started skateboarding when he was only ten years old. He wanted to make skateboarding a sport. But back then it wasn’t as popular and very few people were interested in it.

Aaron is also a good friend of another fellow skateboarder and popular Youtuber knows as Christopher Chann. His passion for skating brings out the best of him as he released his first series called Skate Everything, which is about the toughest skating tricks he knows. Later on, he released a similar series known as You Make It We Skate It, in which he teaches different skating tips and tricks. Aaron has given a lot to the Sports Community across the world. His hard work made skateboarding a real sport.

His hard work got him sponsorship from top-notch sports brands. Aaron believed that the channel alone wasn’t enough to teach skateboarding so the website he built contains a lot of lessons on skateboarding. The website has a series divided into parts called Skateboarding Made Simple.

His website has now become a go-to place for the youngsters and teen skateboarders to learn everything and anything by watching the videos people upload on it. In short, we can say that the website connects skateboarders from all over the globe.

Aaron Kyro has given us the gift of skateboarding and just because of him many talented people made their way to the skating world. Younger skateboarders looked up to him as an inspiration and example to follow their dreams.

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