Nikki Blades – Famous Radio Host

Who is Nikki Blades?

She is a Hawaiian-born Radio host, born on March 10, 1989. She’s the host of the popular Radio station 97.7 KWIN, where she hosts a wide variety of different programs. In addition to that, she’s also a famous media influencer, model, athlete, and entrepreneur. 

 Nikki has gained more than 250,000 followers on her Instagram account, and she frequently updates her account with her latest modeling pictures and videos. She also has a second Instagram account where she likes to post from time to time; her second account can be found under @nikkistreeteats. 


March 10, 1989

Birth Place

Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Zodiac Sign


Her beginnings

Although she was born in Hawaii and raised in California, Nikki has Chinese, Irish, as well as Filipino roots. Her fathers’ name is Edwards Blades, and her mothers’ name is Nikoi Blades.

Nikki was asked for a photography class during her college years, and after graduating, she began her career as a professional model. Nikki was featured in several popular magazines, and in 2014, she got featured as one of Maxim Magazine’s top 10 Hometown Hotties.

Her success as a model cannot be understated, as she’s been successfully managing different professions and careers, which is no small feat.

She’s also been collaborating with clothing brands, such as Hypebeast, Kiamana beachwear, and Purist Boutique.

Nikki also became one of the brand ambassadors for brands like Adidas and Nos. She’s also appeared on television (In January 2018 as one of the guest hosts in the show “Wild ‘n Out”, next to the prime host Nick Cannon.), the episode attracted a lot of viewers and was one of the best episodes in the show’s season, just going to show how Nikki can translate her radio-host skills to hosting a show where there are cameras this time around.

Working as a popular radio show host

Nikki Blades is most known for being the flamboyant and witty host on the 97.7 98.3 KWIN radio in Stockton, California, which ran from 10 am to 3 pm. The show called “The Morning Block Party” was joined by Lucas Gee, which helped to attract even more listeners and gained a dedicated following. As a radio show host, she’s been well received and continuously kept the bar high for how well she presented the show. She’s really become an expert in the field; there is no denying that.

Other likes

Nikki has stated that she’s an avid animal lover and has a dog of her own. She also deeply enjoys traveling and has been to Europe and Asia on more than one occasion, citing Budapest as one of her favorite locations from around the world. She also very much enjoys her home city of Hawaii. She’s also expressed that photography is one of her passions, and she’s even completed a photography course to gain a further understanding in order to capture some stunning photos. Her Instagram page occasionally features some of the beautiful pictures that she’s captured.


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