Valeriia Karaman – Famous Model

Who is Valeriia Karaman?

Valeriia Karaman is an internationally acclaimed model, actress, artist, and eco-activist. She is best known for her work in the fantasy thriller film The Light House, released in 2019. She played the role of a siren mermaid in the movie.


August 15, 1994

Birth Place


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Valeriia Karaman – Education and Personal Life

The famous artist, singer, model, and actress, Valeriia Karaman, was born in Bendery, Moldova, and was brought up there by her family. Thanks to her parents, she was always supported through her career.
Valeriia loves music and learned vocals and piano to polish her skills. When she was a child, she participated in several Jazz competitions and even won some. During that time, she made her mind to study music and become an academic musician. Therefore, for almost eight years, she practiced music and sharpened her skills as a musician.
Unfortunately, she has not spoken much about her parents or siblings on interviews or social media platforms. So, we can’t say much about her parents’ or siblings’ names. As of now, there is no data on her educational background, either.

Professional Career

As an international model, Karaman is seen at various fashion events around the world. She has modeled for many acclaimed brands like ELLE and Armani.
She is currently working with various talent agencies. One of them is Premium, a renowned French fashion agency that gave Valeriia a gig for Diesel’s advertisements back in 2018. A video was released on January 22, 2018, called Diesel-Keep World Flawed. Valeriia was featured in the video with all her glory. She also appeared on another Diesel promotion video named Go with the Flow, which focused on living with physical flaws that humans have.
Other modeling agencies that Karaman has signed up with include Game Model, Why Not Model Management, Iconic Management, Premier Model Management, and Stage Tokyo Model Agency.
She has also worked as an actress, with her first acting debut in the thriller film The Light House, released in 2019. The movie was a black and white thriller produced by Robert Eggers and Max. In the movie, she worked alongside a very minimalistic and powerful cast, starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. She played the part of a siren mermaid who captivates Pattinson by calling out to him.
She was also very inclined towards music from an early age and loved to play Piano and Vocals. She has also joined Cullet, a techno punk band that is very active on Soundcloud, since December 2019. The band also has a couple of songs on Soundcloud and actively posts material from its Instagram account.

Social Media

Karaman has an Instagram handle named @valeriiakaraman and has almost 64000 followers as of writing this post. She uses the platform to promote her art and modeling. In many of her pictures, you can see her around the globe representing celebrated brands.


Valeriia has multiple tattoos, one of them is a dragon figure on her shoulder, which was itched by Vlad Old Myc. And the second one is an ancient styled mermaid on her stomach, inked by tattoo artist Marina Siridova.


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