Jillian Grace – Famous Model

Who is Jillian Grace?

Jillian Grace is an American Playboy model and the Playmate of March 2005. Besides being a model and an actress, she is also a certified personal trainer and a student of yodeling.


December 20, 1985

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign


Early life before fame

Jillian was born in Conway, Arkansas. She holds an American nationality. Her mothers’ name is Katherine Walter, and her father is Jillian. Her parents got divorced when Jillian was only four years old. Jillian’s mother, Katherine, took Jillian with her to Washinton, Missouri, where Jillian would spend most of her childhood together with her mother. Jillian graduated from high school in 2004.

Her modeling career

Grace was always heavily supported by her mother, Katherine. Her mom truly believed in her daughter’s talents; she even sent photos of her daughter to Howard Stern, the famous radio show jockey, when he was hosting a contest for young women to become co-hosts of his radio show. Jillian ended up receiving a call from the Howards team and was subsequently invited to appear in a show (an episode meant to serve as a test).
Kevin Kunstler, the senior photo editor of Playboy Magazine, would occasionally also come by the studio and notice Jillian, instantly seeing her potential to become a successful model.

Kevin Kunstler invited Jillian over for a test photoshoot which turned out to be a huge success. Jillian’s mother was also there supporting her daughter all throughout the process, and Jillian subsequently decided to accept the job offer and go work for Playboy.

How she’s doing in recent times

She had also dated actor David Spade for a few months and welcomed their daughter, Harper in this world in 2008. She has recently taken up cooking on a more professional level and has even appeared as one of the competitors in a cooking show, where she stunned the judges with her dishes.

How her life is these days

Jillian Grace has kept to herself mostly in recent times and is busy living a family life and raising her daughter with David Spade. She has said that she doesn’t really see herself modeling in the future and that she has more important things to do now, namely, looking after her daughter.


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