Wenwen Han – Famous Actress

Who is Wenwen Han?

Wenwen Han is a famous Chinese actress who has gained fame by appearing as a teenager alongside the worldwide famous superstar actor Jackie Chan in the cult classic movie Karate kid, where she played Meiying (2010).


August 241995

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Life before fame:

Wenwen was born in Xian, China. She knew from an early age that acting was something that she wanted to pursue when growing up. She had a regular childhood and went to a local school where she would attend theatre classes and perform in various plays. Apart from acting, Wenwen was also passionate about dancing which she combined with her acting classes and performed in various events together with her local dancing group. Although dancing is still something Wenwen enjoys to this day, she chose to leave the dancing classes shortly before turning 18. Wenwen was a busy teenager as she also had a knack for music, and due to her parents wanting her to take up an instrument, Wenwen decided to learn to play the violin. She was very adept at it and quickly learned the instrument to a proficient degree performing in various concerts throughout China during her school years. She was a professional violinist, as well as an actress and a dancer before ultimately deciding to focus solely on her acting career as it was a better decision from a financial standpoint.

Her social media influence

Wenwen is also active on various social media sites where she posts her day-to-day activities as well as shares various promotional material from her upcoming projects. She has amassed a respectable following on her Instagram account, which has grown at an increasing pace reaching more than 130,000 followers in 2021. She is also on Twitter where which she joined way back in 2011 and to this day has a little over 33,000 followers on her account.

Her acting career

Due to Wenwen appearing in American movies, she has become proficient in English, alongside her mother tongue of Mandarin. Her accent when speaking English has become almost nonexistent, and her time living in America has surely helped with that.
Her breakout role in the remake of the original 1984 film Karate Kid in 2010 earned Wenwen international success. She immediately appeared on the big screen in her first role, acting alongside superstar actors such as Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

Wenwen has been vocal about her time on the set of the film. She’s said that it was an amazing experience getting to act alongside her childhood hero actor Jackie Chan. He was very kind and friendly towards Wenwen during the filming, and they’ve stayed in touch ever since. She has also developed a strong friendship with her fellow actor Jaden Smith and has stated that she may be appearing in a project together with him in the coming few years.


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